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The employees should get behind the owners

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Texas, USA ) on July 29, 1998 at 10:17:17:

In Reply to: Yes there is, if... posted by BASE727{mad cow patrol} on July 28, 1998 at 09:39:26:

: BASE727:: Yes there is, if it is at the expense exploitation and destruction of other human beings. And there is way to many examples of that in today's society. Have a good day Mike..

: James..


Hi Base! Although I am not part of the food service industry, I have met or read about several restaurant and franchise owners. Each one seemed to be good, decent people who worked right on the line with all the rest of the staff and helped out whatever department was in need be it crew, custodial, cashier, or serving customers.

In the early 90's I submitted a SF-171 (U.S. Civil Service form, serves as a resume') at a Federal building in Downtown Dallas. Blocks away from where I parked my then '86 Ranger at a pay lot, I saw a McDonald's. It looked nice from a distance. I thought about stopping for a bite, but instead I went back home.

About 3 years later, there was an article about that Dallas McD's in the downtown area in a magazine-paper called the Dallas Observer. The article talked about its new owner, and his efforts to return it to profitability. I don't think that article has been posted on the Net. Anyway, he rennovated it, hired a good staff, and from what the author wrote (He witnessed the goings-on and talked with the owner whenever the guy had a minute) pushed real hard to make it work. But that part of downtown was and still is notorious for less-than-model citizens. They hovered around, loitering whenever a hired off-duty cop was not there, looking to antagonize or intimidate the customers. He had to install push-button operated locks on the restrooms to control vandals. Kids and people up to no good from as far away as Garland would come inside and just take up space unless there was security. Finally, all people working in the surrounding office buildings knew that McD's history all too well (A Dallas Policeman was shot and killed there in broad daylight in spring 1988.), and stayed away. I guess the district manager of franchise sales took advantage of the fact that this guy was fresh from California, cause the owner really did get screwed over real good on this deal. I don't know if he still owns it today.

But the author witnessed this guy working right along side the crew, while trying to keep the loiterers away from his few customers and off the premises. In an attempt to tie this together (Man! This prescription Zocor is a bitch I can't think! This is my first dose!), I really don't believe that the majority of the franchise owners out there entered the business to intentionally "exploit" people and fuck them over. Most are hard-working people who've had a dream of owning their own business for a long time, and are now doing what they can to make a go of it. Once off the ground it's a good way to provide for the family. I'm sure they are paying what they can afford.

The employees should get behind the owners, and try to come up with the best solutions to whatever problems there are in food service, instead of trying to fight with them and put 'em on the defensive by attempting to bring in national or worldwide unions, who obviously want to maintain an US vs. THEM struggle, at least that's what it looks like to this observer (No, people, I'm not a company plant spying and spreading lies/rumors!).

To close, just about everyone I know who are doing good today (including my father) started at the bottom wrung and worked their way up to better jobs and better pay. I'm posting based on this mindset because that's what I've witnessed. Well I guess I need to wind this up! This cholestarol reducing drug is driving me up the wall and my thoughts are going haywire!

Good night Base! Goodnight all!


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