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The employees should organize and fire the boss!!!

Posted by: BASE727{mad cow patrol} ( L.S-A.P., Windsor Ont Can.. ) on August 02, 1998 at 21:37:57:

In Reply to: The employees should get behind the owners posted by Mike Bacon on July 29, 1998 at 10:17:17:

MB: Hi Base! Although I am not part of the food service industry, I have met or read about several restaurant and franchise owners. Each one seemed to be good, decent people who worked right on the line with all the rest of the staff and helped out whatever department was in need be it crew, custodial, cashier, or serving customers.

BASE727:: How do Mike, thats how they appear in the public's eye, it's called immage first. But behind the scenes they can be very cunning and manipulate their employees to get anything they want, so don't believe that glossy sugar coated stuff when you see it.

MB:: I parked my then '86 Ranger at a pay lot, I saw a McDonald's. It looked nice from a distance. I thought about stopping for a bite, but instead I went back home.

BASE727::Thats a good choice Mike, eating fast food is not a wise thing.

MB:: But that part of downtown was and still is notorious for less-than-model citizens. They hovered around, loitering whenever a hired off-duty cop was not there, looking to antagonize or intimidate the customers. He had to install push-button operated locks on the restrooms to control vandals.

BASE727:: Thats the way it is in a lot of the larger cities, you are always going to have problems.

MB:: I really don't believe that the majority of the franchise owners out there entered the business to intentionally "exploit" people and fuck them over.

BASE727:: I do belive that you have to watch buisiness owner, if you don't they will take advantage of situations, and screw people over..

MB: I'm sure they are paying what they can afford.

BASE727: This is a very cheap excuse that employers use to fool their employees, after all the employees are the producers and they should be getting a fair share of the pie.

:MB: The employees should get behind the owners, and try to come up with the best solutions to whatever problems

BASE727: The employess should organize and show the boss who the real boss is.

MB: attempting to bring in national or worldwide unions, who obviously want to maintain an US vs. THEM struggle,

BASE727: Bringing in unions would be the best idea yet. And the workers would get their fair share of the pie.

MB:: This cholestarol reducing drug is driving me up the wall and my thoughts are going haywire!

BASE727: Take care of yourself and dont eat fast food, there are safer things to eat. Have a good day


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