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Poor service at Burger King

Posted by: Jay ( n/a, USA ) on July 29, 1998 at 17:22:39:

I think the employees of Burger King should learn some courteousy. I was there yesterday with my children and one of the staff members made my niece cry! I was outraged! This is supposed to be a CHILDREN'S place to eat. A relaxed atmosphere where the kids can be kids. Well - this "staff member" told the kid to leave the play area because she wasn't wearing socks - meanwhile - I had just told her that I had their socks. Now this may not sound like a big deal, but for a child (& as a parent) it was upsetting. Then I got accused of trying to take food into the play room. I did NOT have any food. I was bare handed. This woman is just a royal grouch! I don't understand how she could've been so fussy about the play area when the bathrooms stunk and were DISGUSTING. (This took place at the Burger King on 85st & 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. The offender was an older woman employee.) Then when we went to the counter to ask for the number that we could call to make a complaint, we were given that Burger King's number. So, we weren't "allowed" to complain to anyone who would genuinely care. Another incident involved Burger King employees being VERY rude. I don't know if it's just a New York "thing" or not, but the service at Burger King is HORRIBLE and I think from now on I'll go patronize Wendy's.

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