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Re: Poor service at Burger King

Posted by: floyd ( United States ) on July 31, 1998 at 18:22:32:

In Reply to: Poor service at Burger King posted by Jay on July 29, 1998 at 17:22:39:

It sounds like you were sorely mistreated, but think about it; here's an "older woman" working at some wretched junk food joint with filthy restrooms, and making, for an hour's labor, money that most sixteen year olds wouldn't even bother to pick up if it was lying there.
I agree, that doesn't excuse her behavior, but if you want good service, you're going to have to go someplace where employees are respected. switching your patronage to wendys, taco bell, kfc or any of the other minimum wage meat-slinger dens is not going to improve things because their employees probably feel just as ripped off and disrespected as your "older woman" does. Low salary and low respect from management and (many) customers are almost sure-fire paths to rude employees. Like I said, it's no excuse, but it's not too suprising.
As far as burger king being a kid's place, snoop around this site a bit; the appeal to children is deliberately crafted to extract dollars from the pockets of parents. Some fast food places have their "food" so full of sugar, salt, and hyperactivity-inducing preservatives that they send little kids into orbit. The advertizing is crafted so that the only way to get your kid to stop screaming is to fill his/her mouth with a burger, fries and a shake, and these are so crammed with sugar , salt and preservatives that the poor kid can't even sit still and the restaurants have to install "play areas" for the doped-up little rug-rats to blow off steam. The money to pay for these play areas cuts into profits, so they short-staff the restaurant and make the staff work that much harder. This slows down the lines so much that customers at peak time are ticked because they spent the majority of their lunch breaks standing in line, and they take their frustrations out on the employees, rather than th emanagement that short-staffed the place.
Is it really any wonder that the employees are "grouchy" after a day of that? A week? A couple months? How much would you or I put up with? Like I said, no excuse, but no surprise either.
Besides, you're in New York, I thought people were *supposed to be* grouchy back there! (joke)
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