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Let the Damn Truth Be Known!

Posted by: Julia ( Burger King, USA ) on August 16, 1998 at 10:11:53:

Ok im tired of sugar coating all my messages. here is exactly how i feel:

those who are anti mcd's cause it is a money making business it too damn bad people work to make money and companies are out to make money for themselves so they can make a profit and pay their employees. if you don't like it go live in a hole somewhere and eat bean sprouts. to those who don't like mcd's cause the food tastes like shit: i agree with you. their food does suck IT SUCKS MUCH!

to those who are lazy and don't want to work well i guess that's why you'll always be pathetic and poor. and to those who think a union in a fast food restaurant is a good idea get a damn life. you are never gonna get anywhere with one cause these restaurants cannot make a profit and pay people 20.00 an hour. if you want to make 20.00 an hour go to college.

and that's all i gotta say for now!

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