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Posted by: McD Worker ( Canada ) on September 01, 1998 at 09:50:58:

Ok once again unions are being talked about by "unhappy" employees who aren't happy with the way things are running...maybe they have reason to but on the other hand they just want to bitch heres the deal

As everyone knows McD's is scared on unions, and will do anyting to fight them off, and to help avoid unions, in most areas, store owners are telling sore operators and managers to be friendly to the employees, in other words to spoil them which i personaly don't like..for example if someone doesn't show up for their shift, managers are told to be understanding and friendly to the employee..thats bull shit! that employee should be given a warning letter! In a real job, if they did that they'd be fired in nno time! but yet McD's haaas to be understanding, which i don't think its fair i show up for all my shifts and never call in sick, I'm respected by most crew and all mgmt and get sick of other crew thinking that when they actually show up they can do nothing and get paid for it..I'm tired of working my asss of stocking and cleaning while others stand behind the bin and chat and do shit-all, then complain when they actually have to do someting.. and bitch when they get low marks on their SOC! Crew being lazy, having attitudes are something i don't put up with and take major points off their SOC for it, then they complain that they need a union, because god forbbid they actually have to earn their paycheque! A union isn't needed..just respect and communacation {sp??} maybe their are stores out there that need unions, i can't jusde untill i worked personally in each and every store, just as someone can't say All McD's need unions, untill they worked in each and every restaurant in the world! for those of you preching unions, speak for yourselves, not the rest of us!! i don't know why people come down hard on us McD employees, EVERY job has its advantages and disadvantages its called LIFE..stop acting like everyone out there owes you something We don't owe you a thing!.

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