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TD's cul-de-sac

Posted by: Quincunx on September 09, 1998 at 11:37:38:

In Reply to: Been down that road and it's a dead end ! posted by Trolley Dolly on September 02, 1998 at 00:50:19:

TD: I've been down the opinion road with Qx.

Qx: And you've stated opinions for McD's whether you know it or not.

TD: It's not worth the hassle - it's a dead end anyway.

Qx: Especially with someone who claims to not be loyal to McD's. The whole thing gets suspect quite quickly.

TD: I've come to the conclusion that Qx lives in his own dreamworld, populated by people who nod enthusiastically everytime he speaks.

Qx: This is definitely your imagination at work but go ahead. Nobody should or even want to stop it. It's testimonial fact to the shallowness of any pro-McD's argument.

TD: Surely you realise by now that you're not entitled to an opinion, that it is merely "false consciousness" and everyone that takes issue with Qx is simply reinforcing that false consciousness.

Qx: This is the usual gross distortion but we have to expect this from someone who hasn't answered the question I posed regarding "false consciousness" and then uses it as a straw man in debating.

TD: What would we know anyway, we only work there.....

Qx: And by posting pro-McD's opinions you have to be considered suspect due to the attempted infiltration of McSpotlight by operatives in the emply of McD's and especially by the false accusations and other assorted invectives posted onto this website. Could it be a McD's tactic?

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