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Posted by: Flint Jones ( White Trash Preservation Society, Appalachia ) on September 09, 1998 at 19:14:31:

I'm suprised at some of you. I'm from West "by god!" Virginia. My daddy hauled coal on trains all his life and my mamma worked for welfare. We got government cheese and other support... and for a while my mamma was also waiting tables in a short skirt. We lived in a trailer. I know my way around the woods and , if I'm so inclined, can let out a twanged dialect that have most people rolling on the floor with laughter.

Why is it ok to say "Redneck" but not "Nigger"? Its about class, but most folks tend to blame po white trash for their predicament. Why don't you stop being a lazy, shiftless bum and make something of yourself and get a real job! Some go so far as to blame this on genetics. Vaguely social darwinistic arguments with all the standard inbred degenerate references that only the most admant neo-nazi would dare to make about people of color, but most liberals got no problem demeaning and insulting their poorer kin. It pisses me off.

Why the hell do you think anyone would want to live in a trailer park? Because they can't afford a house! Why would they wear the same clothes all the time? Because they can't afford new ones! Why would they let their teeth rot out? Because they can't afford the dentist, much less any kind of medical insurance. Why do they drink themselves into a abyss of hopelessness? Because they have no hope!

There used to be alot more jobs in West Virginia. Jobs in coal minining and heavy chemical industry and other resource extraction and processing. Most of the Applachia economy was a colonial one of sending resources out of the area in exchange for finished products from the east coast. This was the favored economic strategy instead of self-sufficency. Those jobs are gone now... most young people do whatever they can to get out to where other jobs are, but many keep on tied to their families and their culture. What jobs are there for them now? Where they once might have had a unionized coal or factory job... they now all have unorganized service industry options. Fast food, telemarketing, tourist attractions... but there aren't enough jobs to go around. While the rest of the country is having an employment miracle... unemployment in Appalachia is still rampant. One of the best opportunities recently is the opening of a timber mill! Instead of improving the situtation it will just mean workers will work under dangerous conditions for low pay for an enviromentally destructive company that will do nothing to invest in the community. You can be damn sure that all the profit will go and be spent out of state.

And these mountain folk ain't that different from all the dirt farmers who've watched their homes taken away by the banks out in the mid-west. Not that different from the city trash that are in the same dire straits of their neighboor minorities yet conviently ignored. There is a world of difference between white cash and white trash. A world of difference between the old boys network, and the good old boys.

As you can tell, I'm an angry white male from the hills. Be glad I'm doing the union thing instead of joining a militia. Luckily, I'm a sweety and general abhor violence and I think non-violence is the best tactic. Hey what do you folks want... you take issue with working towards marginal reforms as being hopeless, yet at the same time you criticize those who are encouraging revolution. The path of least resistance, means that your aren't resisting anything and you'll not only make things bad for yourself... but for everyone else as well!

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