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Unions for McDonaldŽs

Posted by: Bengt ( McD, Sweden ) on September 26, 1998 at 22:32:02:

Yesterday McDonaldŽs opened a new store in Umeć in the north of Sweden. Umeć is stronghold for vegans and leftwing activists, which led to a demonstration with about 50 participants who handed out leaflets. It was a peaceful demonstration.

The interesting thing was that there was a demonstration AGAINST the demonstration. This demonstration was held by the UNIONS in Umeć. Now, if McDonaldŽs is so antiunion, would the unions go out in favor of McDonaldŽs? Thats something to think about.

The Mayor, a social democrat, also held a speach, in which he welcomed McDonaldŽs. He is a social democrat. The Social democrats are closely tied to the unions. Would he do this if McDonaldŽs is antiunion? Thats something to think about.

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