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No sell out from the Wobblies

Posted by: Flint Jones ( IWW, USA ) on September 27, 1998 at 20:23:08:

In Reply to: Unions for McDonald´s posted by Bengt on September 26, 1998 at 22:32:02:

Why did the "new" Labor party in the UK and the TGWU conspire to destroy the Liverpool Dockers? Why do the PRI and CMT in Mexico work to undermine the independent union at the Han Young factory? Why'd the Teamsters drop the ball on the Macedonia McDonald's organizing? Why do the Communist vanguard parties upon siezing state power repress workers just as harshly as capitalists and fascists do? Just because people claim to represent you, and claim to support you... doesn't mean that they do. Perhaps the social democrats and unions hope to unionize McDonald's or want to encourage further investment.
You'll have to ask them and fill us in.

Anyway, the Wobblies don't sell out. "Abolition of the Wage System" is the goal. It'll be a long time before we get there, but atleast you know were committed.



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