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Please post coherently

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on October 09, 1998 at 19:28:57:

In Reply to: game or debate? posted by McDWorker on October 09, 1998 at 02:03:19:

McDW: Qx, why don't you pull out the broom stick thats in your a**!

Qx: Plagiarizing Cara Russell! Not very good but it's whats to be expected from much of the pro-McD's bunch here. Why am I not surprised?

McDW: You put down everyone who doesn't share the same belief as you...

Qx: Now that's a gross overgeneralization.

McDW: Who the hell are you to decide whats good and bad for fast food workers?

Qx: If you think that is what I am deciding then you are woefully wrong. Try again with the next ad hominem.

McDW: Who are you to tell us that "we need a union"???

Qx: Soemone who has worked at McDonald's and knows there track record enough to know that a worker's organization is a must.

McDW: You just stick your nose where it don't belong

Qx: Oh, so you think I don't have the right to free speech now eh? Very good McDW. I had a feeling that democracy in the workplace is just a trivial subject as far as you are concerned.

McDW: then try to put others down cause you feel your above everyone else,

Qx: You're a tad overblown again. Try posting when you're not in such a rage next time okay? You might be a little more coherent.

McW: hate to tell ya but you're not...

Qx: You hate to tell me? I highly doubt that! I already know that I'm not higher than anybody else. That's why I'm in a union that run by the rank-and-file for the rank-and-file.

McDW: If a fast food worker came to you, fine you talk to them bout a union in THEIR store,

Qx: And I do just that. Thank you very much.

McDW: but they don't repersent the million or so employees across the world..

Qx: Exactly...those million or so employees represent themselves as individual human beings and they get represented as individual human beings if they join a union that is democratically run such as the IWW.

McDW: their are bad and good stores, most of them being good who don't need union interference!!!

Qx: Can you yell that aloud again for the rest pof us please? You're just over-generalizing.

McDW: Quit pretending to be a worker????

Qx: How about quit pretending to be a worker who doesn't have any class consciousness?

McDW: man do you have a life??

Qx: Got one. Is that a problem with you or are you making a game out of this? I think it's a game you're playing.

McDW: do you spend you nights deciding how to respond to the messages on here?

Qx: For your information I don't but then again are you psychic or are you still in a rage?

McDW: You're just making the IWW look bad....

Qx: Oh...as if you knew anything about unions or worker solidarity in the first place. The IWW and any other union will look bad to anyone who just believes the propaganda that McD's throws at them.

McDW: If you have been paying attention, you would have realized that most people have a problem with you, not the IWW.

Qx: No problem here but I think you're overgeneralizing again and not very coherently at that. Try again with a lecture for the admiring masses of McD's.

McDW: Lets hear your response now QX, take your best shot, don't hold back..this is becoming more of a game then a debate.

Qx: You must think this is a game with what you just typed out. As a matter of fact, I believe you intend this to be a game but I (and others) will turn this into a debate.

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