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Posted by: Trolley Dolly ( Northern Ireland ) on October 13, 1998 at 00:21:11:

In Reply to: Vain Flames posted by Quincunx on October 10, 1998 at 11:55:35:

: Now while you're warming up could you please tell us of the role of rap sessions and what purpose do they serve?

To raise work related issues in a constructive way, with the outcome (hopefully) QUICK results. Follow up usually happens within a few weeks. As with any grievance procedure the first step is alway to raise it with your superior.
It's like going to a tribunal. No point unless you have exhausted all the avenues available to you in work. Only when you are not satisfied with the result do you take the next step. And if that is approaching a union, that is a matter for the individual - or group of individuals.

: If you finish up an answer please tell us why McD's doesn't need any unions at all.

I don't speak for McD's - just myself.

: That is if you're against unions. If you are for unions then what kind of unions would you like to see in order to represent any workers at McD's.

Any workers - there's an interesting use of words. Am I included yet ???

: I am not against unions. But, our experience of them in the UK is that they have no teeth, and are pretty much in the pockets of the big firms, and run by career oriented, power-crazy self publicists. What kind of union ? What about one containing both managers and crew ? Very often, managers are working in similar if not worse circumstances to the crew. Of course there are incidents where that are divisive to the crew/manager relationship, but this is all part of the dynamics of the workplace. As long as they are resolved satisfactorily, and they usually are - at store level, I would say a union would be best placed in working to negotiate between the people who have limited decision making power (i.e. any one working at store level) and those who have more power (those higher up the hierarchy). There is not the "them and us" atmosphere in the stores that you assume there is. It is more them (the market managers / regional VP's) and us (the crew and managers in one store).

: If you don't want to debate then keep up the distortions and let us all know.

I don't mind a debate, Qx. But no flames.

Did you say you worked in McD's once ? Please tell all.


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