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Nice Buns!

Posted by: Hugh Morris ( Jesse , USA ) on November 06, 1998 at 13:55:29:

In Reply to: Passed it with flying colours ! posted by Gill on November 05, 1998 at 13:38:06:

: Info like:-

: the slice height of a bun, or finished product troubleshooting, such as PROBLEM "Cheese not melted" POSSIBLE CAUSE "Buns placed in toaster too early.

Many years ago, there was a bakery around here that baked under contract for McDonald's. One of my professors in college told me about his septegenarian father, who worked there for decades. He had no fingers that remained intact; all were cut in seperate bandsaw accidents when the buns were sliced. Anyway, he said McDonald's was very specific about the thickness of the center portion of the Big Mac buns-- 3/8 of an inch, no more, no less. Non-conforming buns were rejected. Is this measurement correct? He may have said 1/2 inch.

I don't suppose there is anything in that little Bible of yours about the amount of compensation due to an injured employee. My professor told me the bakery had an actuary on staff, whose job it was to measure the remaining portion of the severed finger, and award compensation accordingly--how many knuckles remain fuctional, for example.

Where'd I Leave That &%$#*@$^ Cigar...,

Hugh Morris

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