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down to the crew

Posted by: ChiXie ( Australia ) on November 10, 1998 at 08:55:44:

In Reply to: It depends on the situation... posted by Mike Bacon on November 04, 1998 at 12:20:22:

It all comes down to the crew. Think about it - yes management are important, if they were not there things qwould not fall apart, but things would get rather foncussed. But it's the crew person that a customer will usually come into contact with from start to finish of their...how do I put this...ahh well I'll go for it, their trip to McDonalds (it makes it sound like an OS holiday)
BTW Mark, "I don't know what to tell you" isn't always an uncaring excuse...although an excuse it usually is. I use it on d/thru people a lot...they come through and because of what they ordered they are asked to park. They whinge and whine about never being able to get their entire order at once...it's an awful lot easier to try and worm your way out of it by saying you don't know what to tell them than to say "Well you ordered 7 fish burgers at 11:30 at night you dimwit, what do you expect!?!?!?!!"
But the trick is to get crew that care. The thing is, yes they're young. Unfortunately that means you get a lot of people that turn up, get paid, go home and bum around in the middle. It's not an excuse...it's the reason. But the day McD's starts hiring only adult crew may be shortly before armageddon...and I would be out of a job


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