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those few young uncaring employees who stick out like a sore thumb

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Support ZZ Top, USA ) on November 11, 1998 at 17:10:54:

In Reply to: down to the crew posted by ChiXie on November 10, 1998 at 08:55:44:

"Mark"? "MARK"?! Now that I roasted you good over that, I'll get this reply started. I hope you didn't take that message as a put-down of all teens entering the workforce. Most of 'em do a hell of a good job in both the service and the courtesy department. And no I don't want you to be put out of a job. I've seen many young employees do much better work than certain adults, in fact. I once had the "priveledge" of being "served" by a 40-something at a local Pizza Hut who never smiled, and just plain showed she didn't give a shit (If you want a goose-egg for a tip, that "service" will achieve exactly that end.).

What I'm getting at is those few young uncaring employees who stick out like a sore thumb, ...combined with the head-up-the-ass managers who won't do jack shit to turn the problem around. They're likely the ones posting those "Whadya expect? They're young!" messages in these rooms. As you probably know, it takes a bit of effort to try and correct the bad traits the aforementioned young person might possess, and get him/her on the right track. It takes work to motivate someone who's gotten off to a bad start, and begin developing him/her. If the manager won't make that effort, it not only is a disservice to the customer, but also to that kid. He/she will, as a result, stand a good chance of encountering difficulty, i.e. get slapped with a harsh reality check when it's time to enter the "real world", and discover that XYZ National Bank or Wiggins Widgets will be somewhat less forgiving of marginal attendance, and indifferent job performance. When I was a new hire at my bank, I had to work with that kind of individual. He thought nothing of splitting in the middle of his shift to go watch a Pink Floyd video with friends, and on other nights telling me he wasn't going to be in that night because he wanted to party with a friend instead.

But your posts portray you as someone who posesses a good sense of responsibility, and cares very much about the quality of her work. More power to you! As for the waiting periods, I don't mind waiting for a quality product in a store where the staff shows they're committed to doing a good job. As for DT, I hardly use it. I like to sit down at a table while the food is still fresh and dig in then and there. Going the takeout route means the food has a good chance of getting cold before you get it home or in the office breakroom. I can eat cold pizza and lasagna but cold burger and soggy fries mean time for Alka-Seltzer. That's nobody's fault. Things only stay warm for so long.

Well I guess it's time to wind this rambly message down. Keep on keepin' on and hopefully your dad can fix your PC so you can join us at Delphi Chat.


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