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McDs and Advertising!

Posted by: McDWorker ( Canada ) on June 02, 1999 at 10:34:44:

Wow, a lot of people are upset with McD's adverts because it forces them to take thier child to McD's....uh huh..ofcourse it does, but that doesn't surprise anyone, does it? In todays society everyone "passes the buck" right.....Its always someone else's fault.... Give me a break!!

Does a child have that much influnence over his/her parents? maybe if parents spent more time with thier children these days and stopped pretending that the TV is a free babysitter, these ads wouldnt have such an influnce on children that some claim they do.. Learn how to say NO! teach your child thats its not healthy to eat fastfood all the time.....Dont blame McDs cause you give into your child! Blame yourself for lack of parenting!

Also, for those who think that cooking in animal fat is goss, that might be true, but who is the one putting it all over their faces? lipstick, make up and other cosmetics and products are made up of used animal fat from restaurants,,, so if your not eating it, chances are you're probably wearing it.

McSpotlight: Yes, children do have that power over their children, as McDonald's know. See the other posts we've added footnotes to.

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