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I Love my job at Maccas

Posted by: Joe Bloggs ( Maccas employee, Australia ) on June 20, 1999 at 14:32:19:

Hi everybody, I'm just writing to everybody to tell you that working for Maccas has it highs and lows. I have been at McDonald's for nine years now and I have been a crew person the whole and that does not bother me one bit. C urrently I'm working for an operator and the store is rated "AAA". the best any one store can be. I love my job working here as though it has a very friendly atmosphere and all the crew and managers are really good to work with. I have also had the chance to work for the company and I'm happy to be working for an operator again. I had only one good thing about working for the company and that is my ability to roam from store-to-store. I enjoyed working at other stores as though it gives me a chance to work with different people and how there store operates. In the past I have tried to leave, but as you have guessed - I'm still working here. This is because I enjoyoing workinh with everybody. I have no regrets that I work for McDonald's because it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. When I first started at Maccas I was a shy person. Nowadays you can vot shut me up. McDonald's has helped my acheive my goals in life

Joe Bloggs

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