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To the person thet wrote the COMPLAINT

Posted by: Aussie maccas chick ( Mcdonalds, australia ) on July 29, 1999 at 12:56:24:

WELL SUCKED IN!!! The manager that was on duty probably didnt give a stuff about you or the other (annoying) families waiting to be served. Why should she???Yes thats right WE DONT CARE -oh shock horror!if you want someone to care buy a dog!!! us maccas people deal with hundreds of people every hour and honestly couldnt care less if the customers choke on their food and die. sometimes I wish that difficult and demanding customers such as yourself would have some understanding.Are you blind?? couldnt you see that they were busy?? Didnt you stop and think that the workers were run off their feet and probably had been for hours with no break?? Customers like you come to the counter and demand to be served that inatance no matter what- have some consideration please. Why are you feeding your kids McJunk anyway?? dont you care about them? or couldnt you be bothered to cook? What sort of parent doesnt care about what the kids are eating and if its healthy or not? huh? ANSWER: A BAD ONE.

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