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Are you sure there's no supermarket or dept. store nearby?

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( North TX, USA ) on August 02, 1999 at 12:34:40:

In Reply to: To the person thet wrote the COMPLAINT posted by Aussie maccas chick on July 29, 1999 at 12:56:24:

Hey, AMC, it's not the customers' fault that you have shitty people running your store. You still have the duty to properly and professionally serve the customers who are doing that store a favor by giving their patronage. They pay your salary.

I've been to fast food places where there was NOBODY at the registers, only one register was open, and they took their sweet time to get to the counter. I know a supervisor in PC tech support who was told by an uncaring manager at one burger joing "Hey! Shit happens!" when his wife's order came back wrong the SECOND time. Before he got any response from the manager, this guy purposely ignored the table. It was time to go back to work, and he very vocally refused to pay for the screwed-up order. This place is now out of business.

Your posts indicate that you and the rest of 'em at your store aren't even TRYING to serve your customers accurately or efficiently. If that's the case, then is it any wonder that many of 'em are getting fed up and vocally losing their patience?


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