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To Frogman

Posted by: Aussie Maccas Chick ( maccas, Australia ) on August 06, 1999 at 12:20:57:

In Reply to: here's what i sees posted by little green tree frog on August 03, 1999 at 12:37:32:

To the green frog: Listen here little creature I have some news for you

" what you describe as "brainwashing" is nothing more than people with good work ethic. there is nothing wrong with a fast food manager being dedicated to doing her work well."

# Oh! I see your definition of good work ethic is being used as a slave by unethical morons for a few dollars an hour - AND you're supposed to be grateful for it!!! Right.Whatever. A expected statement from a brainwashed sheep.
I see no problem with anyone being dedicated to their work..BUT... When a fast food manager thinks that they are the king/queen of the world because of it - AND looks down on others because burger flipping is NOT their main goal in life, then my frogman IT DOES BECOME A PROBLEM!!

: there is no doubt that these people will work hard and be dedicated no matter what field they go into.

# Hmmmmm.... Like a fish and chips shop?

" if the managers seem adamant to do a good job, it is also due to the fact that they are under pressure from thier bosses to run things the way they have been told to do so."

# Yep! Just like cold programmed robots that dont have a mind of their own.Whoops! I forgot - they dont have a brain..

" so my little naive college frogling, when you get out into the real world, take these lessons with you."

# Who's being naive??? Me or you????

"when you are hired on at your first 'real' job, keep in mind that your bosses will expect you to be enthusiastic, to work hard, and will put pressure on you to see that things get done right."

# I accept that and dont see a problem with it. At my first full-time job I won't be working for a few coins every hour. I will be appreciated and surrounded by respectable,professional and educated people that understand the concept of behaving in a civilised fashion. So thank you for telling me something I already know.

" i see more deserving of respect the manager of a fast food restaurant who comes in and tries to do a good job, than the know it all kids who believe that they are superior to other people because they are in college."

# Well its obviuos my frogman that you have never even met a McDonalds manager in your whole life.AND I dont think that I am superior to others because I am at university. I just think that McDonalds managers have given up on life and are therefore INFERIOR when compared to the rest of the human race. Period.

PS> At least i can read - unlike highschool dropout McDonalds managers!!

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