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I cant understand why its so bad paying at McDonalds

Posted by: Linda ( sweden ) on August 10, 1999 at 14:26:49:

In Reply to: its hell posted by Kate on June 02, 1999 at 18:16:57:

I must say i agree with you!I cant understand why its so bad paying at Mc Donalds,they must earn a lot of money.I mean the top people,must be millioners and we who works for them and doing all the hard work is not getting anything.I get so fucking angry!we have the lowest paying in this branch......I hate working there,but i have to.I will not move back home!But every day is a pain,and when the day comes that i shall not work there more i shall say to my boss"fuck you and your job"and enjoy saying it!!!!!!!bye...: My experience of working at McDonalds was not good. I stayed for nearly two years whilst I was sitting my A levels. I was at full time college whilst working a 40 hour week, which meant I was up for college at 7 and at work until after midnight. Then at weekends wroking till 12, then in again at 7 etc. My attempts to change this were met with hostility. I was being paid 2.85 p/h. I went from probation to 5 star team member in 3 months, and at my 6 month review was given a pay rise...........of 0.01 p/h. Insulting eh! The if I;d worked an extra 100 hours a week, I'd have 2 extra each time I got paid.

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