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Re: Crew trainers and crew chiefs

Posted by: McChick ( Crew Trainer, Australia ) on August 19, 1999 at 01:30:10:

In Reply to: Crew trainers and crew chiefs posted by McWorker on August 17, 1999 at 12:40:47:

: I was recently put in charge of crew development in my store and I was wondering if anyone knew the responsibilities and duties of crew trainres and crew chiefs. Any info would be greatly appreciated

There should be some literature in your store describing the positions, if you're in charge of the development, then you should know. I've read a position description of a crew trainer somewhere, but I don't remember where and when. Anyway, as I'm sure you know the obvious difference between crew trainers and crew is that crew trainers can do SOCs and train people. Need I have said that? Also DELEGATION is an important thing for crew trainers to do; that is assigning tasks to other crew, and making sure they are working and not standing around gossiping. The crew trainers role is also to assist the manager, basically in keeping the store running smoothly and keeping everything under control. The managers should be able to come out of their office and not have to say anything to anyone if the CTs are doing their job properly. Crew trainers also can make sure the managers are not forgetting to put people on break/they can organise the breaks. I don't really know much about the role of a crew chief even though we have only one at our store, and I don't think the managers really knew either, and they had to figure out some new responsibilities for her. I'm sure someone else will tell you about crew chief's role.

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