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Posted by: Aussie maccas ckick ( maccaas, Australia ) on August 26, 1999 at 13:00:47:

In Reply to: service recieved posted by Linda Koopmann on August 24, 1999 at 04:15:36:

Listen here,
you seem to have a misconception that the crew at those stores nedd to be re- trained so that you dont get ice in your precious drink. Crew are humans not robots that need to be programmed. there is nothing difficult about pressing the 'no ice button'. Are you sure that you even asked for it?? are you sure that you werent talking to your screeching kids in the backseat while ordering and forgot to say no ice please??are you sure you werent mumbling and spoke in a loud clear voice so that they heard you??? Anyway if you got ice so what? all you had to do was ask for another drink and you would have gotten one. no need to get on your high-horse and put the workers down suggesting that they need to be re-trained so that when'Princess Linda' enters the store a red carpet is layed out.
Another thing- if you dont like it dont go. youll be doing the workers a favour by not whining all over the worldwide net about how stupid they are. Maybe you should learn to cook or is that too hard for lazy princess Linda??

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