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i have heard everything you've said and none of it makes sense

Posted by: little green tree frog ( slime is beautiful ) on August 28, 1999 at 10:38:25:

In Reply to: ONE MORE THING TO FROGBOY... posted by Aussie Maccas Chick on August 27, 1999 at 15:20:41:

my polywog,

you have told mcspotlight land that mcdonalds forces you to work 50 or so hours a week, then you turn around and say that you freely choose to go in and work extra shifts for them.

your say that the managers are awful people and never give you time off to do school work, yet you seem to have enough time to volenteer to go in and help them out? if you have school work to do, don't you know how to say 'no'? if you are always letting your job get the best of you, that is shame on you, not them.

you have said that you would never wash baseboards yet you claim you are praised by your managers as being the most valuable employee?

mcdonalds is a crappy place to work, they offer unfair wages, but with an attitude like your's, what makes you much better than them? you constantly tell customers with complaints to go fuck themselves, don't you realize that this is bad business practice? you are not better than mcdonalds. if fact, i see that your soul is tainted with the spirit of the evil clown.

if mc donalds is the only place for you to work, why are you mad at them? if no one else would hire you, you should be grateful to them.
the way you have told us, if mcdonalds never came to your town, you would not be working at all.

you feel that you need to be patted on the back for a job well done. at my job, we always praise and encourage EACH OTHER. if you are the best worker, you've been there 3 or 4 years, you are definitly in a position to give praise and encouragment to other co-workers. maybe you could start to build a friendlier work environment by doing this and stop being so self absorbed. at 19, you're not a preschooler anymore. it is counter productive to praise people for doing what is expected of them.

i would be curious to know how you get along with your co workers, and how hard of a time you really give your managers. are you as much the little snot in real life and you make yourself out to be here?

tree frog.

tree frog.

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