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i understand more than you think.

Posted by: little green tree frog on August 28, 1999 at 10:38:49:

In Reply to: You really don't understand do you... posted by JayDublin on August 27, 1999 at 16:46:33:

well, let me tell you how well i understand.

i too was once trapped in the evil clutches of fast food, except that i dwelled mainly in the realm of the taco. no, i never intended to work there, but at 17, one of these places hired me after a week long job search. i grew to tolerate it. i did my job, got good at it and was promoted at 19. proud of my high flying career, i swore that i'd be happy to work in fast food for life! 40+ hours a week can put a drain on a frog though, and my grades in college faltered. i dropped out of college in my third year. i decided i'd take a year off to work. i worked two fast food jobs, ~70 hour weeks. it was during this year that i was out of school that i realized that unless i continued my education, i would be stuck here for life(which by this time did n't sound too appealing anymore). i attempted a job search several times and realized that companies wouldn't hire me based on my limited fast food job experience----SOUND FAMILIAR?
by this time i was living on my own, WITH BILLS TO PAY and enrolled in a technical program to be come certified with the technical degree of my choice. so i guess you could say that i had(and still have)AN EDUCATION TO SUPPORT. a year into my new school i could no longer tolerate fast food. not even for another year untill i graduated. did i blame my managers for my situation? no. did i start to slack off on the job? not considerably. did i blame ronald for getting me trapped in this situation? no because it was MY choice--it was MY mistake. did i whine and complain about my dead end situation? no! whining gets you no where. i went out and looked! it wasnt immediate, i was turned down plenty of times-- many of my pursuits turned out to be dead ends.

but after almost 2 mos, out of the blue, one of the places i had interviewed with called me with a spot that had opened up after i had interviewed. it was 28 miles from home, and the pay was almost 200 dollars less a month, but it was worth my sanity. and was in the field that i am training to get into.

jaydublin: Aussie Maccas Chick works their because she has to, I really cannot understand why you find this so difficult to believe?

i hope this explains why i find it hard to believe.
you have a point, the unemployment rate is low where i live, but that does not make it easy since most positions want previous experience, and someone with more than a high school diploma, plus, many of the jobs are just other restaurants. my job search was far from easy.
second, she's 19, what's keeping her in this small town? let go of the security blanket.

: I'm sure other people, not just Aussie Maccas chick take offence to your statement that their place in life is McDonald's and they come on here to bitch about it.

i did not say her place in life is mcdonalds. that basis of what i have been saying is that she IS a mcdonalds employee and is no better than any one else working with her. she needs to get off her high horse and come to terms with where she is in her life. and i'm sure many others will agree when i say that if she wants to get out of mcdonalds, get the hell out. her life is only going to change if she chooses to make the changes. if these are the cards life has dealt her, than that is what she has to play with. it's senseless to sit and focus on trying to pin the blame of her situation on someone else, when she is the person with the most influence on her situation.

i didn't fully realize how much controll i had over my situation untill after i got out of it. then i realized that i could have done it long ago,and so i should have done it long ago. i think aussie mcckick will feel the same way when she finally gets out of fast food. i hope someday she will take controll over her life.

tree frog.

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