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Thanks Shaun

Posted by: Darya ( USA ) on September 03, 1999 at 11:16:36:

In Reply to: What fast food people have to put up posted by Shaun on September 02, 1999 at 11:25:57:

Shaun, thanks for your input :-)

Like I said, before our store got "incapable managers" I didn't mind going to work as the previous managers were friendly, outgoing, and concerned for the employees.

As far as customer mistreatment goes, I am sure you have put up with your share...
When our store had the old managers if there was a problem I would just call them over and they would help me and any other employee that was having a problem with a customer.
Again, when the new management came (not necessarily the manager but the associate manager) things changed, most of the crew was intimidated by this manager and since this particular manager was usually running the floor, most were afraid to say anything to her for fear of something happening to them.
Yes we will always have people that just have bad attitudes, for example the store has to hire a security guard for football nights in the fall because all of the high school punks come in, harass the employees, and make the dining room a complete and total mess. Of course these are usually the kids that don't have to work, so they show no respect whatsoever to the employees.

One final note: maybe there should be a course taught in schools about politeness when dealing with the general public......

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