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Posted by: shaun on September 08, 1999 at 11:22:29:

In Reply to: One day I will escape posted by Aussie Maccas Chick on September 07, 1999 at 17:00:46:

: ps- maybe you should enlighten us with a post about " Why the customer is not alwarys right". I would appreciate it!!!

You asked for it and here goes: (and by the way this stuff happens at my restaurant every day, and probably yours too)

Customers are not right when:

1) They use any type of foul language directed at an employee for any reason.
2) They pull up to the drive thru and don't answer when we ask to help them 2 or 3 or 4 times and then when we give up they shout "Hello! Anybody there! I'm waiting!" Also, some people, the second they pull up to the drive thru they shout "Hellloooo" and when we ask to help them, they say "Gimme a minute so I can decide" (then why did you impatiently scream for me?)
3) They sit at the drive thru menu board and take a few minutes to decide what they want when there are people waiting behind them that already know what they want
4) They add stuff at the drive up window or completely change thier order, even though thier order is ready to go and there are people waiting behind them and then they have the nerve to tell us we're slow and they don't want to wait any longer. I'll just tell these people "Hey-your order was ready and you changed it so now your gonna have to wait" I have nothing against people who add stuff at the window (even though it is frustrating) but if you do add stuff at the window, don't yell at me if you have to wait an additional minute or two for it
5)People at drive thru present us with coupons when they never told us at the speaker when they ordered, causing frustration for the employee, a void, and a longer wait for the innocent customers behind them. Sometimes they will tell us they are sorry, they forgot to tell us about a coupon. This is an inocent mistake and I hold no grudge (after all, we all sometimes forget things) but when a customer tells us they didn't know they were supposed to tell us about the coupon, or if they say we didn't give them a chance to tell us about the coupon, that is a lie and I won't accept that coupon.
6)Customers are not right when they are talking on thier cell phone and they get annoyed at me when I ask them if they want salt pepper or ketchup. When this happens, we usually "forget" to put napkins and stuff in thier bag and if they complain about "where's my napkins?"
we'll tell'em Hey, I asked you and you ignored me. (I wonder how those people would like it if I was not attentive when I took thier order and I was on the phone with someone else)
7)I hate it when customers (usually at drive thru) are rude. If they think I'll be all smiles when they get to the window they are wrong.
8)Customers have no right to trash our parking lot (usually with garbage from other fast food restaurants)
9) Customers have no right to trash our dining room. I don't know about you, but I have never gone to any reataurant in my life and left my table looking like a pig sty. I would at least try to clean up my mess with a napkin. And I have never left all my garbage on the table rather than throw it in the garbage can like many of my customers do.
10)Customers are wrong when they yell at us because we ask them to put out thier cigarette in our no-smoking store.
11)Customers are wrong when they get mad at us for not accepting counterfeit money
12) Customers are wrong when they horse around and scream in the dining room and cause a disturbance to other guests
13) And customers are always wrong when they throw food and drink at an employees head (this actually happened once at my store)

These are just a few examples of "How the customer is not always right" Of course most customers are right, and the list I made above, although I live through it every day, only makes up 1% of our customers. And of course we all know that employees are not always right too.

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