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Pay and PR moan:-)

Posted by: Tim ( McCrew, UK ) on October 10, 1999 at 17:06:54:

Anyone noticed how unfair the pay structure is at McD's? Our store's just had the PR's for most of the store, and pretty much all the full timers got either nothing or 2% (7p) I don't know of anyone doing more than 20hrs/wk who got a merit on their PR. One crew member who does about 5hrs/wk, on the odd weeks she actually gets a shift, got 4% plus a merit, giving her 20p/hr PR. When we questioned this at the rap session, we were told that because she only did one short shift a week, she did less wrong when she was on. We interpreted this as "Because she only does 5hrs, we can give her a good rise without it affecting our labour costs, but still look on the management reports like we give good PR's" Has anyone else noticed this?

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