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I quite agree.

Posted by: Kalvin ( UK ) on October 12, 1999 at 15:23:12:

In Reply to: Pay and PR moan:-) posted by Tim on October 10, 1999 at 17:06:54:

I quite agree. When I worked at McD's in Edinburgh I was training squad. I went to open, and eventualy transfered to, a new store. I'd been at the Princess Street store. When I got to the new store I was working with people from another store. It transpired that five star crew from the other store were on lots more than us training squad from Princess Street. We questioned why. We were told that the store manager from Princess Street was a tight arsed git, whereas the store manager from the other store wasn't. The other store was fairly busy, but had relatively less crew, our store was the busiest in Scotland, with loads of crew, so they gave us shit payrises (Back then it was 5p, 10p or 15p pay rises) If you worked flat out and kissed enough arse you'd get 10p, but at the other store you'd get the max 15p plus a discretionary 10p extra, making it 25p/hour more. Not a lot of money, but when that happens a couple of times you end up with 5* crew getting 1, or more per hour than training squad (Who are senior to 5*) But hey, we all choose to work there! Glad I don't anymore, I enjoy screwing McDonlads in the courts instead!!!!!

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