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When I resigned I didn't do anything big.

Posted by: Kalvin ( UK ) on October 12, 1999 at 15:37:37:

In Reply to: Going out with style posted by -------My list on October 08, 1999 at 11:00:21:

You know how all those obnoxious twats that treat you like you are 5 with a mental age of 1? Well, busy Lunch time rush on a Saturday (LETS SEE SOME HUSTLE, COME ON, FASTER etc. etc...)Well, just start asking stupid questions of the customers, and act realy stupid.
ie. "Would you like a penis with that? Oh, sorry, I mean breasts, no I mean Fries. Sorry hard at all last night."
"Sorry sir, we don't sell Big Macs here, we're burger King!" "No you're not, you're McDonalds." "Nah mate, you're mad you are, this is Burger King." "Look, I just want a big mac." "Sorry mate, its a BK flamer, a whopper or nothing, now, what do you want?"
"Coffee? I'll just go ask my manager if we sell coffee?" go ask manager.."He says yes we do. Cream? I'll just go ask my manager if we sell cream." Ect. ect.
If you're on drive-thru with the speakers, start making rude noises like "Margary, stop it, the customers don't really want pubic hair in their Big Mac, though they do deserve it, oh sorry sir, may I take your order please."
When its busy, wait for a customer to stand right in front of you, let them order something. (A big Mac for example.) Then turn to the person at the till next to you and whisper, "Did you hear about the woman that found that cockroach in her Big Mac this morning. Brian tried charging her extra for it!!"

The ultimate one is being the nasty Customer. Walk up to the counter, and after you've shouted that the coke tasts like piss, complain, as loudly as possible, in front of 400 customers, that you found a pubic hair in your food. Then ask who works on that station with ginger hair!!! Works a treat!

Hope some of this is useful. When I resigned I didn't do anything big. I waited till ten minutes before my shift, at Christmas, when I knew it would be horrendously busy, with few crew, and just lobbed my notice and uniform at the manager and told him I'd quit.

The best one I saw was the guy who stormed out, and shouted right across lobby on the evening rush (5pm) "Darren (the manager he'd just had a big bust up with) you're a fucking wanker, the jobs shir, and I fucking hate this place!" The little girl at my till turned to her Daddy and said "Daddy, whats a wanker?" I was crying for weeks!

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