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Going out with style

Posted by: -------My list on October 08, 1999 at 11:00:21:

I thought I would compose a short list of things to do on the day you plan to quit or get yourself fired, feel free to post your own suggestions. This list also contains funs things to do at Maccas.

1. Wear a hairpiece to work and have it fall in the fryer.
2. Shave off your eyebrows and draw them on with a marker, or dye them purple.
3. If you are a cleaner use the mop on tables and on bathroom mirrors.
4. Grow your hair into a massive one metre afro.
5. Dress up like Mr T as much as possible and then when the person orders say "Hey nobody gives orders the M posse, you got that brother" (Not rascist i just love the A-team)
6. Get a sign like the one on the playground with something like "You must not have genitals to use this playground" sit there and laugh when kids walk in.
7. Shout comments like "You know Barry I kind of like that German Shepard, put him in the mcmuffins and he might only lose his hind legs"
to the back room.
8. Go to work in a burger King or Hungry Jacks uniform.
9. Get orders really wrong "Here is your quarter pounder with mayonaise" "But I ordered a happy meal" "Oh sorry here is your order" "This is nothing but a bag full of ketchup"
10. Wear an obvious camera or recording device and if your manager asks you to remove whisper into the piece "See the manager is trying to prevent staff from getting the truth out about his dog fluffy"
11. (for non staff) Go to the drive thru and when they ask "Can I take your order" say "No but I will take yours, I am offering" and then insert some stupid product.
12. Write "NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association)" or "Australian Beastiality association" on a large crate with Manager written on it, for extra affect have a person inside saying "let me out, let me out" or a tape of a pig squealing, put it beside the entrance"
13. Get a friend to come up and put a coke on the counter at rush hour and have him say "This tastes like piss" Then turn around and say "Barry, too much piss in the coke, throw in a few more guinea pigs to straighten it out"
14. Stand outside Maccas handing out "What is right with home cooking" or maybe another fast food joint. If they ask you to move loudly declare "Well people can't say anything good or bad these days".

Well that is all so far, add more suggestions and this could get going (it wont but you have to dream)

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