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Of course you try to silence your critics...

Posted by: HillBilly ( Australia ) on October 27, 1999 at 13:08:00:

In Reply to: McDonald's is just another corporation trying to sell a product. posted by Dionne on October 27, 1999 at 10:41:13:

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: McSpotlight: And a company that issued over 30 libel suits against companies and individuals who criticised their business practices. That's why the McLibel trial happened; and that's why McSpotlight is here; McDonald's tried to silence fair comment with arbitrary lawsuits; they threw $16 million into the McLibel suit; and the judge ruled that McDonald's was guilty of culpable cruelty to animals, exploiting children and paying their workers low wages. He also ruled that McDonald's advertising pretended their food to have a nutritional content it didn't actually have.

Of course you try to silence your critics... which company in there right mind wouldn't. Its like being in the school play ground and somebody says something about you... you dont just wear it, you beat the living crap out of them. In this case McDonalds sued, and they had every right too.

McSpotlight: Which presumably means that deceptive advertising is OK?; or at least that it's entirely OK to use your financial muscle to attempt to silence anyone who dares to point out the truth.

To use your playground analogy, it's like an 18 year old trying to beat up a 4 year old because the 4 year old criticized the 18 year old; is that justice as you understand it; or is it just corporate bullying?

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