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Give me a break.

Posted by: Matt ( n/a, Australia ) on October 31, 1999 at 18:13:30:

In Reply to: THE WRONG WAY posted by Leigh Brown on April 29, 1998 at 18:41:30:

Give me a break. If the theft of food from mcdonalds is why they pay shit wages then maccas workers would be searched and weighed at start and end of shift(you'd have to sign that little freedom away in order to work of course). Most real stock/recording discrepancies are probably creative bookeeping(cry poor/great car/better accountant/s)or errors. Besides it isn't as though macca's don't make out like theives(hey hey - truth in metaphor????) come "how much did we make?" time, is it? Besides at 10c a meal one staff member would have to eat 10 meals a shift to cost $5 dollars a shift. That would kill any normal person(I don't want to hear replies of "I eat 20 big mac's in a sitting" that would end my faith in the human race. As for the writer of this lovley piece of capitilist/neo fasict/shit runs downhill claptrap. Keep at it dear - one day you'll become part of the big lie, just keep listening to your boss as he holds your ears real tight and tells you what a good worker you're becumming.

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