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dear any one

Posted by: crewperson ( maccas, aust ) on November 24, 1999 at 13:35:14:

Dear anyone
Well im a maccas crew person and the amount of shit we put up with from u our customers is a joke.
You bring your fries back to me whinning they are cold well what do u expect you ordered them from me about 15 minutes ago of course they are cold but i smile apoligise and replace them for u free of charge and i dont even hear a thank you.
After u have eaten your meal you leave a teribble mess on the table and the floor (including baby spit)but along i come and clean it up with a big smile no worries.
Time for desserts you say "I want a choc sundae but make sure you put a heap of choc on it okay" thats 1.50 thanks "Why am i paying 1.50 its only 1.20 i refuse to pay more" its 30c for extra choc "no its not i demand to see a manager" so off i go and leave it in there wise hands
You ask me do u have any other happy meals toys "little Johnny got this one yesterday" no im sorry they change weekly "well thats just not good enough" I say have a nice day
And my favourite.Ubring back a burger wrapper and tell me it didnt taste right. What im a meant to do with that u have eaten a whole burger and then deciced to tell me it is not right it at the end of my shift im tired im cranky so I tell u Two bad i cant do any thing with that you have eaten the whole burger with no problems so i CANNOT replace i WILLNOT refund it and im going home now!

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