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when working at McDonalds: customers are the enemy.

Posted by: anyone ( UK ) on November 29, 1999 at 12:20:31:

In Reply to: dear any one posted by crewperson on November 24, 1999 at 13:35:14:

All I can say is: go and get another job. You must remember when working at McDonalds: customers are the enemy. They have the eating habits of rutting donkeys, the manners an American on hoilday, the abilities of a German on holiday, and all of them know howto say thank you as much as they know how to chose a well balanced diet!! As for the Mothers that say Johnny got this toy last week, you should point out to them that by letting Johnny eat all of that crap, she's killing him slowly, so then point out what a crap mothershe is and she ought to be VERY ashamed of herself. When they ask for a manager just tell them to go and shag themselves, pour ketchup over their heads, throw your uniform at the manager (Ie. take it off there and then on front counter, and make sure you're not waering underwear) that should bring them all to their senses. You'll then be the talk of the crew for the next decade, and will give them something to cheer their days up when they are slaving away for the great unwashed ungrateful gits that go to McMurder shops. (Can't call it a restaurant, you get nice food in restaurants!!!)

And finally, smile. Remember that you are above it all. Go find a place at UNI, get a brilliant job, and when you've got that job go for your lunch at McDonalds and rip the fuck out the crew by pointing out what they hve done wrong, what the OCL said they should have done, and tell them about what courses they could be doing at UNI, so that they too an get out of the dump!


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