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Our store is very busy

Posted by: Tbeer ( usa ) on December 12, 1999 at 17:33:07:

In Reply to: 4-1 odds posted by Gobi on December 11, 1999 at 21:25:24:

Our store is very busy, so we do have alot of people up front and in back. We only have 3 windows, but we have backers during the more busier hours. That is a waste of time I think...backing up window people cause our drink station for one is out in the lobby. I could see if I was on a window and I wasn't taking any orders then help out one of the other people, but when we back these people...all we do is turn around and grab thier cups and set it on their tray then were waiting on sandwichs. It's dumb. Ok...with mfu you are supposed to have equal people. if you have 5 up front thier is supposed to be 5 in the back. If you have 4 on one then your managers suck. You need the people in the grill to get the food up. What is the point in putting all of em on window and that just means that thier all waiting on food. It's easier going double sided too...specially at our store. Most of the stores don't even go double sided cause thier short handed on staff, but we have to, so therefor we always have people which is nice. We do have to make labor too, but since were so busy...we can have people and still make it. IT's all good!!!!!

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