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I don't think the deal is that bad...

Posted by: Daniel Gribble ( McD, Australia ) on December 13, 1999 at 17:15:50:

Hi all...sure I'm new to this debating board but I for one think the employees at my store are not treated that bad...thats not to say that I think all stores are Ok coz i know they are not since i've seen dodgy swing and regular store managers do a shit job...our last store manager embezzled around $10,000 before he was fired or whatever and that fucked up our store morale...now its kinda getting back to where it was and our new store manager isn't that bad...i just got home from our patch christmas party which wasn't that bad...all of the managers turned a blind eye to our udner aged drinking and smoking which allowed us to have a good time...in fact i had an absolutely rad time...McDonalds Australia hired out the venue for the night with free soft drinks (mixers...hehehe :) ) totally at there expense...and to all those people who think i have become a victim of McD propaganda maybe you should just think of living life and having a fun time whilst making some money on the side...I forget what point I was trying to make (did I mention the underage drinking???) but thats all I got to say anyway...end communication...


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