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Mc spotlight is so childish.

Posted by: Emma ( England ) on February 11, 19100 at 12:15:55:

I think that what Mcspotlight is doing is completely childish. Now i know that Mcdonalds may not be promoting healthy eating and it may intice children in with toys and other promotions but it is a damn good company to work for, They have established themselves to be a multinational company and should not be slated like this. I have worked for the company for two years and am well on my way to a long career in the company which i am proud of. There are not many people my age who can honestly say that they have what i have.

Besides, it would appear that the views shared here in this stupid web site are the views of a few people who have very small minds and are very petty.



McSpotlight: Really? So your road to freedom is that everyone should just sit down and shut up and eat junk food and be grateful for it? And that a company can lie to the public, bully the mass media, destroy the environment and exploit the poor - but shouldn't be criticized for doing so; that freedom of speech should be subordinate to commercial interests?

We actually believe in freedom of speech; and are prepared to fight for it.

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