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Posted by: lkajskd;fj ( usa ) on February 11, 19100 at 19:43:52:

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I would have to agree with the poorly treated crew. It is not a problem at my store, but Coorporation see's it as a huge problem accounting for our huge turnover rate. The turnover rate at my store is threw the floor, almost non existant. We have almost 40 workers,crew, and only have a 1.3 million a year store. There are stores in the nearby areas that have maybe 20 workers and do 3 times our volume because of a large turnover. Our store manager jut won the Ray Kroc award of excellence, so that could be part of the reason our store runs so smoothly. So, I do agree that the management team in a lot of stores do mistreat there crew members. I also believe that McDonalds is a decent job to have!!

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