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Career at McDonalds??? - uhh..no.

Posted by: Concerned employee on February 21, 19100 at 11:59:16:

In Reply to: Career at McDonalds??? posted by Tabitha on February 20, 19100 at 09:35:36:

Actually, I have found as a crew trainer that managing crew isn't as hard as you want it to seem. Customer complaints are easy to deal with..you replace whatever they didn't like and they go home happy. In two years of working at McDonalds and observing various situations, the
hardest thing I had to see managers deal with was the constant pressure from salary managers to keep sales up / labor down. That is all they worry about...hell I see more pressure put on swing managers to fill out the labor chart than the food safety book. We are forced to have HALF HOUR closes every night so of course things don't get cleaned right, equipment doesn't get pulled, and this is all put off on the swing managers. And if you think going into McD's management is a good idea..think again. I was asked, and thought it was a good idea, until I started talking to some of the swing/certified swing managers. Some of our crew people make more than swing managers who have been there for years. Shows how things work backwards in this company doesn't it?

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