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I've had the same problem

Posted by: Fiona McKinley on February 25, 19100 at 11:29:20:

In Reply to: From what i have heard posted by Hillbilly on February 24, 19100 at 12:57:35:

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: : : I will NEVER walk into a McDonalds (after seeing Monday nights SBS Program)
: : : Any other company would be lynched, everyone should expose the frauds that they are.

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: : : McSpotlight: Look, don't hold any other fast food company up as a paragon; the only reason McDonald's got targetted was that they tried to sue the McLibel Two; to all intents and purposes, all major fast food places are just as bad.

: : Actually, Burger King is the worst of the lot when it comes to employees. I know people who've worked there and it's apparently like hell on earth - hygiene is non-existent, sexual harassment is practically company policy and workplace safety, or lack thereof, is shocking. I'm sure if Burger King was as successful as McDonald's, this would be an anti-BK site. But the principle is still the same.

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: : McSpotlight: IF BK had been stupid enough to try and use the libel laws to silence critics, this might have been an anti-BK site; they weren't, and so Burger King are only worthy of a place in our Beyond McDonald's section.

: : (This article has been re-posted because the DR did something odd the first time we tried to accept it.)

: From what i have heard from a friend who works at BK, is that the female crew are forced to wear tight pants and use make-up a certain way to attract the males.

McSpotlight - well, at least it's not both of them.

Hillbilly - I wouldn't be surprised. Unfortunately the staff are often told they're replacable and should keep their mouths shut if they want to keep their jobs (I've had the same problem).

McSpotlight: Fiona, they are both as bad as each other; merely in different ways. In fact, the entire industry of fast food is predicated on unhealthy food, poorly treated staff and environmental destruction, whether it be Burker King, KFC, McDonald's or Subway. McDonald's got the main hit because they tried to silence people for saying so.

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