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The McSpotlight Quiz '99
all the tiebreakers 
More than 800 people entered the McSpotlight quiz over four months or so. And only three of them got all 22 answers correct. But by gum there were some splended tiebreakers. Here they are in full.

I like to give my money to McDonald's because... 

... its better than giving it to the Tories (or Republicans).
... because if I keep eating their food, all the preservatives in their "nutrious meals" will mean I won't have to be embalmed when I die...I'll be perfectly preserved
... ...they include a free piece of toilet paper with every meal! (you'll be needing it)
... the entire global commerce system is a farce and so my money is made out of napkins with smiley faces drawn on them.
... I haven't got a brain, a clue, a conscience, or a heart
... it's the only green you ever see at the Golden Arches.
... a significant portion of that money will be given to disadvantaged and underpayed libel lawyers. Giving money to McDonalds is a charitable donation.
... I don't really care about winning.Just want to say, thank you for all you are doing.And the McLibel film was sooooo inspiring.Kim in Australia
... Bollocks do I!
... they clearly need it more than I do.
... their warm and fuzzy adverts choke me up every time
... i dont care were the money goes because its not really my money, andbecause its usually stollen
... they'll use it for doing new business after they quit McDonald's!
... they need it tobuy more grease to add to the already greasy food.
... they are going to get it one way or another beside maybe they will invest in larger and natural meats.
... the food tastes soooo good.
... my daughter married Ronald McDonald and he needs a new pair of big red shoes.
... it seems yhey need it more that i do
... i am suicidal and i am too woosy to kill myself.i know i will die quick eating mcmurder
... because Ronald McDonald is friend to all children. No, wait--that's Gamera the Flying Tortoise. Never mind.
... They Will Give it Right back to me because I work there so Stop exploiting McDonalds with False Accusations because McDonalds doesnot mistreat or harm animals they simpley buy from meat distrubutors and chicken farms. Personally I find McDonalds the cleaniest and Most effeceint fast food restrauntMeredith Porch
... I work there
... I work their for almost nothing, and the special sauce is really special.
... ...Capitalism is good, and pig fat thick-shakes rock!!
... theymake me sooooo happy =)
... I am a stupid crazed Westerner who believes in advertising to line the pockets of corporations who don't deserve my money.
... I like McDonald's to give me money because
... i heard they spit in the burgers
... I dont think that it is so bad as you say, because I work at McDonalds in Denmark. But if its true there are a big diffrents between UK and DK
... they are a bunch of gay faggots like Anson.
... maybe one day they'll turn into the cannibal cafe!
... I did not feel like cooking so we ate their crap for one night,so we got food poisoning for the price of only 7.98.
... they help to make a better future where fat can shortly!
... the fries are the best, they fill me with joy!
... my mom looks like the big purple happy meal monster
... i only have one leg!
... i like to make sure that all the animals that live in the food are fed properly !
... i am not giving any of my money to them i wish that they would give me some of theirs
... cows need a living too. :) kidding.
... They will need it!
... The workers look like they need a night out.
... Mcdonalds is such a healthy company AND THEY PAY SOOOO MUCH! YEAH! I WANNA WORK FOR MCDONALDS!
... McDonalds rules man
... I work there and it is a really crap placewith good money!
... I know they'll spent it on worth wild things that will help man kind and the environment and mankind. NOT!
... the little box outside the window may in fact go to charity (after visiting this site, that's the only place I will ever put my money at that is in the vicinity of McDonalds.)
... I work for the god damn company, and I need the money for uni!
... I just love those weird kids inside a MCDonalds
... like to give my money to McDonald's because they rock. The burgers are sooo tastey and good quality with really nice luscious meat and stuff. The double quater pounder is the best.
... they can pay plastic surgery
... it is the best restraunt ever and they love everyone and blah blah blah I really wouldn't do it.
... i have been brainwashed into Mmmmm!
... they help me to become all I can be. A fat unhealthy piece of crap.
... they do a lot off nice things to there bosses and it wood make them beat the crap out of me
... i hate life and want to make death dealers ritch
... It helps the waste line
... they do not pay me enough and they take it all anyways.
... they are not as bad as you say they are.
... oooh baby i need a mealllll!!
... it's nice!!!
... I'm a McFreak so I like all the food and can eat it all day!
... I think MacD sux big time!
... I hate them
... food that I'd buy would insure my chilren's a bright futures. . I'd die, they'd get rich. (insurance, Yeah Baby.)
... They need it more than anyone else i know to cover the advertising bills.
... they need it
... chicken Mc Nuggets
... I like to give my money toMcDonald's because ...i love there juicy greesy cheesy double quarter pounder dead cow burgers.mmmmmmm
... we would get more fake food to eat.
... the flimsy, now grease-drenched hat they gave me as an employee was just too nice to keep for free
... ...theyhave such big plans for it.
... they keep the blood of the exploited working class from thinning by force-feeding them fatty foods. Yay.
... they are help to create new, united, tolerable world without nationalism, wars and poverty.Vaclav Belohradsky, Czech philosopher
... the company is exporting peace and democracy abroad.
... since my lobotomy, only Big Macs appeal to me.
... otherwise they look at me oddly when i emerge from the lavatory.
... of theirvicitmization by individuals that think they have a right to free speech.
... it is an investment in my future: the more people who die of heart disease, the more pension money left over for me.
... Ronald needs it so he won't have to wear Bozo hand-me-downs anymore
... Indian Hindus are starving for beef, so it's shameful thinking our luckier cows here have died and gone yet untasted.
... I'm a moron, everyone knows I'm a moron, and it would bankrupt the bastards
... I want to destroy the world but I can't afford nuclear weapons.
... I tried to throw it into a landfill but it was full.
... well plainly i just dont think they have enough. after all, look at the good they do with the pittance they have
... they could do a lot of charity work with it.
... there are far too many rain forests in the world.
... so I get the cheapest poison onthe market; my rats will love it!
... multinationals need to feel loved too.
... it's my favorite place to piss when I'm on the road.
... it's crap anyways
... Ronald McDonald is my "trusted friend."
... I'm sick to death of fucking TOFU.
... I'm mad
... I realise how wonderful they are and regret all the years of campaigning I was involved in against them
... I crave the crack-cocaine injected grease in the hamburgers.
... ...I have entirely too much money left over after supporting my drinking and narcotics habit!
... money is dirty, and mcdonald's is dirty, so they belong together- that's logic.
... it's fun to do the economic equivalent of spitting into the ocean.
... I'm senile.
... I'm a mug
... I work there and it gives good opportunities to highschool students who need a job, they are happy to work around you schedule
... in the hope's that some of the profits will go towards foot reduction surgery for Ronald McDonald.
... this is the most effective way to keep the general population uninformed, undernourished, and willing to listen to anything my marketing depatment tells them, thus eliminating competition to the products and services my company sells!!!
... they're a little down on their luck and need a helping hand.
... they have expensive lawyers.
... their half eaten burgers will kill more rats than any rat poison.
... the world benefits from McDonald's existence in any way possible!
... the more McDonald's there are, the more excericise I can get picking up their trash on the streets.
... the can save the world from ourselves! (not)
... only an international corporation the economic size of Hitlers Third Reich will have the power to uniform the worlds varied cultures into a wonderful American one
... no matter where I land in this damned game of McNopoly it's a square with a McDonald's on it.
... if i dont they will hunt me down and kill me
... beef and grease are more addictive than crack cocaine
... Ronald McDonald told me to.
... I'm trying to grow my McAss as McHuge as possible!
... I wanna suicide by eating too much fat!
... I am not able to find alternative food sources.
... they'll find some way of getting anyway.
... they need it to fund lawsuits against annoying people who tell the truth about them.
... they helped *so* much in spreading the succes of netactivism..
... they care.
... they are people who have worked hard for their market share.
... their tasteless, cardboard like food is so addictive.
... the earth is flat, pigs can fly and the Big M promotes intellectual honesty, human integrity, social equity, fairness and justice, peace on earth and good will to all men!
... otherwise there would be too many healthy and well-informed children to exploit with misleading advertising.
... life stinks I want the world to disappear faster.
... it's the best place to store these worthless rubles.
... im really richard branson
... if I were to attempt to kill large numbers of people myself I would have far less time to devote to TV.
... i'm a silly bastard
... i want to die young and beutiful!
... i love to poison myself, and i would rather not outlive my parents so i will clog my arteries and hopefully die of a heart attack within about t minus 4 minutes.
... honestly, how could McDonald's be responsible for destruction of the rainforest? Cows and chickens don't live in the rainforest, silly.
... at 6.30 in the morning after an all night study haul macca's breakfast is great regardless of the consequences!
... To help with the company's expansion into third world countries. After all they're not gonna start their own McDonalds are they!
... Sorry can't lie. Have not eaten a big mac since 1990
... Ronald is my whore and i am the john playing russian roulette by placing his disease-ridden products in the orifices of my sickly american body.
... McDonalds is one of my corporate masters and I proudly serve my corporate masters.
... It's counterfeit, so why shouldI keep it anyway?
... I need to help support the poor minions.
... I like to live on the edge and eating at McDonalds you never know what you will bite into next.
... I knowpretty soon, health care benefits from heart diseasewill be rushing towards me likea horny grandmother.
... I do not have much money, but I have some debt, and maybe that would be enough to make them bankrupt.
... I am truly quite stupid.
... ..the paper hamburger wrappers are sofer on the ol' bottom than crispy dollars, and cheaper than toilet paper!
... . well I don't, cos I'm veggie and not a fucking idiot
... they print placemats in Ukrainian.
... the McDonald's people are just "great" people and they deserve it - right??! - NOT!!
... i enjoy inflicting pain on myself, pocketbook and everyone around. but mostly because of the complementary mcflatware and mcflatulence.
... because if I couldn't help destroy the planet and exploit people, I'd have to find something productive to do.
... I like to contribute everything I can to encourage childhood diabetes and eating disorders.
... I have a clown fetish.
... I feel guilty about all the stickers I've put up around town and I'm arterially challenged!
... I ca use it as a tax write-off and then infiltrate their corporation.
... it will help the global economy by enabling McDonalds to supply all executives with cartons for nest building. :)
... I am completely unaware of what is going on around me and that is my right as a free human being.
... I like to give my money toMcDonald's because they are a poor,defenceless corporation and I am a rich,powerful,loud individual
... yo no quiero Taco Bell.
... when everybody starts recognising the true benefits of thier food, they are going to need some money to feed their children.
... they've done more for heart disease research than any other entity.
... they have such high regard for humanity and planet. Ow. I believe my sarcasm gland has just ruptured from overuse.
... they arethe cheapest and fastest wayto fill the hole in my gut atlunchtime.
... there is no way I can harm the environment, animals, workers, children, and my health as much as they could.
... perhaps if we pay them enough they'll stop making their awful food and shot down all their shops 8-)
... my money could not help them in any way, they are false!
... money doesn't grow on trees so if they cut all the trees down I'll have more money to give them!
... it makes mea happy onion.
... all profits made go towards Ronald McDonald's retirement fund.
... I like to fit in the herd.
... I help tosubsidise cheap meals for multitudes of my thin, starving and needy brethren in the USA
... I am Napoleon Bonaparte and what are you looking at???
... ..they are a seriously dodgy outfit.
... uh...I...don'T?
... they're so good at what they do!
... they poison the people we dont like.
... they need it more then I do
... they care about people.
... they can send Ronald to counseling for pedofelia
... the frys are the best in the world
... thats what the tv says will make me a happy and complete person
... so that Ronald McDonald can get some bigger shoes
... the cow steroids in the burgers are making his feet bigger.
... my brain has been destroyed by junk food.
... maybe I can become as successful as them
... it's better than Christmas TV
... it is an honest, ethical company, committed to fair trade practices, and to providing a healthy alternative to organic produce
... if they're going to keep bringing and losing ridiculously long and expensive libel cases they desparately need it.
... i am a cerebral mcmidget and can't think for my mcself
... because, because, because, because
... because of the wonderful things it does!
... because money is the root of all evil and may help cause McD's downfall.
... at least _their_ coke is cut with water, that is, it's not as sweet, and not as noxious!
... Ronald needs a new set of spats.
... I'm a total McAnthropist
... I'm a sucker. A huge, huge sucker.
... I really think those boys in the marketing dept could do with a raise.
... I really like the movie Mad Max, and I'll do anything I can to bring about that post-apocalyptic world.
... I know part of it will go to support needy children (employees of McDonalds) and the elderly. (employees of Mcdonalds) and the downtrodden. (Employees of McDonalds)
... I considerall those anti-biotics in the meat to be preventative medicine.
... I can't wait to see "Soylent Green" come true.(Spellings a bit off, hehehe)
... Because I'm an ignorant american!
... 20,000 stores just ain't enough
... ..the food contains nutrients and is therfore nutritous, the workers are well paid, only about 1000 pieces of litter find's its way onto our streets worldwide, no deforestation occurs and I haven't got BSE..........................................................................................................Yet!
... "It helps me to develop early McArtery disease, which is my McGod given McRight as an American McCitizen. Also, it teaches me to treat my McAutomobile better than I treat my own McBody" and to perpetuate the McCommon nutritional McIgnorance which plaques the average McAmerican".
... they're bound to lose a load when people start suing them in 10 years for their part in the lotto of almost 70% of people in the UK possibly carrying the BSE prion.
... they don't make people feel bad about being poor, as anyone can afford to eat at McDonald's.
... they are piss poor and good people who need all the help they can get.
... then I feel like a fucking guinea pig
... someone has got to eventually rule the world - I'd rather it be them than Coca-Cola or Pepsi.
... it's the only way anything GREEN will ever get inside the beast!
... did somebody say mcdonald's?
... as a man, McDonald's food makes my breasts bigger, and I need flabby breasts to be happy.
... Unlike McDonald's noxious clown grub, money does not have "secret sauce", and therfore is essentially useless in my endeavor to commit slow suicide.
... It's fun AND nutritious!
... I like to be a jackass!
... I found a tumor in a Big Mac.
... I feel they need the money to improve their image as its a bit on the low side.
... Another greedy trans-national entity might get it otherwise and besides, clowns are our friends.
... they could buy guns and kill themselves
... Macdonalds is the only place I can go where I know they exercise the 15 second rule. That is, if they drop something on the floor, they give it 15 seconds before it has to be thrown away. If they pick it up before 15 seconds
... It's good as new! Now that's service.
... MC d's Mc Suck's
... the men in the white coats say I've improved since the last time I went for a meal there.
... when they decide to take over the world, I'll be spared of their terrible wrath.
... then they may spare me during the coming McHolocaust.
... their wholesome, healty and vitamin packed food gives me all the nutrients I need for a satisfying day of dispensing burgers and fries to our happy customers!
... their burgers are full of #*%$ and their pay is not worth pissing on!
... the voices in my head tell me to.
... it sells food that tastes bad and is shitty and I've lost my mind.
... it is a part of this nutricionally complete breakfast.
... it allows them to clean up the area of litter
... in a town as small as the one I come from, I guess you could say Ronald McDonald is like a little Jesus to us. Having a McDonalds has put our small village on the map
... if i dont they will hunt me down and kill me
... i like the idea of a colostomy bag to match my shoes. I figure that if I provide it with regular infusions of cash, McDonald's will provide me with a grade a case of colon cancer.
... as the world sinks more into depravity, it gets easier to accept change.
... Ronald needs a makeover.
... I'm a masochist.
... I receive in return nutricious food and feel good about my money going to all those charities.
... I owe my life to the the Big Mac. if I hadn't eaten five a week for twenty years, i would never have had the heart attack which I have survived.
... I have no conception of multi national insidiousness & prefer to remain ignorant of the gruesome details in the same manner that I remain confined within my own barrier of lipids, with no desire whatsoever to seek an alternative.
... I believe the hype, even though I was told not to.
... I am conducting experiments into slow nutritional suicide
... you should love your enemy jesus told me.
... two all beef (hormone) patties, special sauce (?), (GMO, irradiated) lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bunk.
... they'll try to affect me somehow until I do anyway.
... they want me to hurry up and eat the burger and get out.
... they obviously need psychiatric help
... the food makes me feel slightly nauseous
... ronald is having money problems.
... need it more than I do, of course money cannot buy happiness. I win
... mcnematode worms, mchalf rats, and mcecoli are de-fucking-licious.
... if i donti might spend it on useful things.
... how else am i going to get my daily dose of poison?
... hmmm
... erm.
... you see, well it's gone, sorry.
... diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and colon cancer make my hardened arteries surge with delight.
... because dammit.
... as an American, I believe in the right of children around the world to eat as healthily as ours.
... They nrrd it more than I do.
... They are the anti-christ
... The nutrition of a big mac and a coke sustains me.
... So they can pay for the massive PR campaign to erase the results of the McLibel trial.
... Ronald McDonald is a very nice person and he is kind enuf to sell me lots of McNutrious McFood.
... In my will I am giving all of my possesions to them. I might as well start now.
... I'm a cluess fat bastard with not enough hair on my head to get myself one of those fancy bar-girls that put out.
... I need to kid myself Multi National Corporations are an endangered species.
... I need a steady diet of mcsaturated fats.
... I live solely on McDonald's,and appreciate the reinforcement of low self esteem which being obese and unhealthy brings me.
... I fear a society where people are told what to think, such as what food is good for them.
... I believe it is very important to clear those trees from the Rain Forests, make some room.
... I am stupid
... AS a true blue american I feel its important to allow my hard earned money to be recycled by the corporations that are decimating freedoms the middle class, and our environment, because after all they gave me the job to make the money in the first place
... they're going to take it from me anyway.
... they will send Franny back to school to learn about apostrophe's'
... they have helped me achieve my goal of 95 percent clogged arteries.
... there's still some bare earth left to cover with McDonald's waste
... stuff giving them money, if I exploit my own workers I could be that rich.
... it's my duty as a good citizen to give all my money to Americans
... it doesn't make any damn McDifference, my McWife leaves me McBroke anyway.
... heaven knows they need it.
... eggmcmuffins are so tasty
... They may go bankrupt from the hamburgler
... I've always wanted a pacemaker.
... I'm part Scottish.
... I'm an uninformed american idiot
... I am a mind numbed robot who doesn't know any better.
... I McBelieve in them!
... The environment is dangerous to my famaly and our national economy. Disney and McDonalds guide me through blindness and ignorance.
... I like to give all my money to McDonalds because I'm just a stupid consumer anyway, what do I know?
... Because it would give them the possibility to increase theircapital.
... Because I'm a fiend! Give me Sodium!
... mcdonalds is fucking gay
... because
... by producing plastic waste I commune with immortality; simultaneously by recklessly consuming poisons, I embrace the inevitability of death.
... I like to give my money to fightagainst McDonalds for many reasons. One that is personallyupsetting is the often overlooked working conditions of the workers. I know this is not funny.
... ...I tried to runaway from home when I was 5.
... they're a poor company who've been attacked by your vicous organization and - oh
... they do the best job of shoving it up thier ass and some how producing meat.
... they can worry about what to do with it rather than me.
... the wrapping around their food tastes better than the food itself, especially the styrofoam.
... self-righteous whiny bastards make me nauseous
... no other company gives me the opportunity to harm the environment, promote unsafe working conditions, brainwash the masses, and support other multinationals at the same time!
... my girlfriend loves hamburgers, damn it!
... its a better value then crack.
... it smells, just like McD's!!!!
... it reminds me that I am not that bad at cooking than I think I am.
... it makes them think they're rich enough to take anyone to court, so they can lose again
... i'm sure my 2 dollars would pay the weeks wage for about 20 of their employees.
... i am a sad bastard with no one else to give it to.
... I don't want to change the world, so polluting it will make it feel like home.
... I can be sure that I will not have to eat real food
... with the purchase of Boston Market and other businesses I feel they may need financial assistance to takeover the world.
... with many companies, one is only allowed to support isolated destructive events but with McD it is possible to support a wide range of destructive activities under a single umbrella. Truly a great global service!
... what sort of world would we live in without the Golden Arches?
... they've brainwashed me into thinking that there is nothing better for a fast meal than them.i must obey the mighty clown.
... they seem to need it, and everyone else's, no matter at whose expense (pun intended).
... they obviously see it as the only important thing that is green!
... they give the world cheap beenie babies.
... they can piss it up the wall for me
... they are just a misunderstood company having to deal with the global burden of being healthy and publically responsible for societys decay.
... their food is so good, nutritious and they are one extremely environmentaly friendly company.
... small businesses like McDonalds need all the help they can get. There's a sad face behind that clown smile.
... nothing . McDonalds don't need my money , I need theirs !
... nope
... its fake
... it kept clogging up my toilet when I flushed it. It all goes to the same place, right?
... it help to feed a red-hair, funny-dressed, lobotomized former searcher of biochemical and nuclear departement of US army.
... if anyone needs to buy their own souls, its them. (yes i realize its not funny but either is exploitation)
... if I don't, I will never be complete.
... i work hard so i have plenty of money to spare to give to a wothwhile organization
... i want to die tommorow
... i trust in our government to allow public promotion in schools only of foods known to enhance our physical well being.
... i am fucking brainwashed by american television
... heartattacks are fun!
... a dead animal in the pants is better than two alive in the field.
... You people are full of shit. You twist the truth at least as much as McDonald's does. I read Justice Bell's decision and although he found the cruelty defamation justified, NOTHING ELSE WAS!!!!!!!!! So I'll continue to eat delicious Quarter Pounders w/Cheese
... MMMM!!!
... You never know what youre gonna get !!!
... Ronald Mcdonald is a hot mo'fo'.
... NOT!
... I'm about to die from heart disease.
... I used to work there and know how bad things are 4 the crewmembers
... I think that they are a really caring, friendly company. They have the utmost respect for their customers
... I get this overpowering desire to do it, but likr most drugs regret it.
... I can't be bothered resisting their advertizing for the next one thousand years
... unless we all get together and sort thar badstars out.
... I believe in their message for children!!
... I am the Anti-Christ and they are my slut-whore...let me spill my black seed on you.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmcdonalds..
... I am a mindless zombie, excreted from the rectum of the 20th Century, who buys whatever the loudest and most colorful clown on TV tells me to buy & I have no concern for animals, or the environment, or labor issues.
... I also enjoy activities such as being anally raped. and injecting peanut butter into my viens too.
... Having worked there I feel they provided me with everything I will need in later life. Malnutrition, scars, paranoia
... ...I am a doctor specializing in heart problems. McDonald's provides three-quarters of my income.
... "its the meaning of life, survival of the fittest"
... they really need to update that plastic playground in bars out front.
... they pay me 5.15 an hour to empty their grease traps.
... they need it much more than I do!
... they make Americans dumber, fatter, and weaker.
... not day goes by that i don't thank them for bringing me a malnutricious and far from delicious meal even if it means burning a bit of rainforest, pissing in my drinking wayter and torturing a few cows. Did somebody say Mclibel?
... morning noon and night I see those golden arches, and I just can't help it.
... it saves me the trouble of giving the children their allowance at home (they work there).
... having been raised going there, it tastes "good"...but my kids won't know that like I did
... ;-)
... at least they still have veggie burgers available if you ask: pickles onions, lettuce, and plenty of fresh condiments on a sesame seed bun
... oh no wait, that's Burger King. Well, their big yellow signs keep me from getting lost, remind me that I'm in good ol' USA
... oh wait, no that's not right either
... um, because they're cheap, and I'm poor and hungry; and damned if those rat-poisoned burgers don't give me indigestion but at least I don't buy my poison off the black market!
... as a man, McDonald's food makes my breasts bigger, and I need flabby breasts to be happy.
... They have damn fine burgers that will probably give me a heart attack at the age of 23.
... McNuggets engorge my naughty bits!
... I was captured by Ronald and he brainwashed me, that bastard. *twitch*
... I want Mc Donald's to go on helping unemployment:-)alix
... I think that real food is so sixties. We need McDonald's to give us fake, non-environmentally safe stuff.
... I once ate a BigMac that told me "Suzie, eat at McDonald's." My name is Michael.
... I like the smells at the farm and the cows like it when
... sorry, what was the question again?
... I can't afford enough ammo to kill all those people myself
... Hitler and Mussolini are dead and we need someone to keep fascism alive!
... I do not give my money to McShit because they suck!
... mind control
... ...They give me so much fucking value for my dollar.
... the only way I will feel fulfilled is if there exists a hamburglar "spring" ride in each McPlayground (rubble rubble)
... , duh, why do I?
... theyre humans as well.
... they abuse animals.
... there going to be out of buisness after a few years.
... the tv tells me to.
... the queues I have observed waiting for Macfood around the world make me weep and weeping cleans the soul.
... that way i get to insure corporate greed and dominance (and kill animals)
... that way i get to insure corporate greed and dominance (and fund killing animals)
... most of the jocks at my school eat there, and I want to help support their healthy lifestyles.
... maybe one day we can be as plastic as their food
... its there
... it enhances the thrill of smoking the after-meal cigarette.
... Ronald McDonald needs a new wig
... If I don't the McMafia will break both my legs.
... I'm a spiritless zombie who can only hear the good in Ronald McDonald's words.
... I'd rather die of a heart attack then cancer from those mean cigarette companies.
... I want to die young
... I understand that Ronald McDonald will come to my funeral and hold a party
... I know that they have such a good heart, that they will forget that their are sooooo poor and spend it on charity
... I hate the place.
... I hate all living things and wish the world to become a cold, dark, and horrible place.
... Burger King sucks even more.
... where else can you go and get "SEX" in your sandwich, not with it.
... they provide quick, nutritious, tasty, BULLSHIT
... they own my soul.
... they have the best loos, with towels, hot water and soap. This is an essential service if you are caught short, especially in Versailles. Leave a yellow sticker behind in appreciation.
... they deserve it
... then I could be the primary share owner of McDonald's and I could get all of the free food I wanted.
... their food tastes so good and has so mush sugger i cant talk right and ive forgetten puctuation
... their food so jam packed with goodness makes my skin glow, the animal fat gives it a glossy sheen.
... their food *must* be good if it produces such big, healthy, glossy cockroaches.
... ronalddied on the arch for my hunger.
... my city is already consumed by urban sprawl and tasteless malls- why not make it "complete?"
... my McStomach likes that McGrease.
... maybe they won't ask for any more.
... it's a lot cheaper then a nuclear powerplant
... it makes me feel all McWarm and McFuzzy inside.
... it contributes to the good of society, helps the environment, children, and serves nutritious food
... i like to decide how i'm going to die
... i just don't smoke enough to feel that i'm really making a contribution to corporate america
... eating their food is easier to do than eating money.
... being the narrow minded dick that I am,It increases social standing
... am I supposed to get all that nutrition by eating the money?
... They can havve my money to because they can use it to help to give us all a better enviroment.
... Its better than actually paying for their food..
... It makes me feel like I just one a trip to Disney Land!!!
... I'm totally sane
... I'm hoping to be able to buy Ronald's sexual services if I give enough...:)
... I'd like to take part in the class action law suit against them for costs of heart disease conditions.
... I want to live forever
... I want to die young and painfully
... I truly believe that they provide a much needed service to our community and make life more enjoyable by promoting obesity in children.
... I hate the world and i think I'm in love with ronny and i want him to by nicest clothes.
... I hate myself and want to die.
... I feel sorry for them.
... I can't wait for them to kill me. God knows that there's not enough danger in my life as it is.
... I am mentally unstable
... A rat, a cat, a slab of fat or 90,000 gallons of grease in a vat $1.00? it's a deal!
... ...maybe if i eat enough discusting meat, the ensuing diarreah will cause me to shit my head out of my ass.
... 'they give me food in return
... vitamin "G" (primarily found in fried foods) is a much overlooked nutrient. They need the money for societal acceptance ads.
... they but canned beetroot on their Aussie burgers.
... they are such great corporate citizen's and would do something really socially conscious with it.
... they are capitalist pigs and we're all so dumb for falling for it.
... then they won't take a pound of my flesh!
... the hard greasy fries make good compost for my garden.
... spiting Helen and Dave has become a passion even though I'm cutting countless years off my life expectancy.
... it's better than directly shooting some poor kids
... it seems to make Ronald very happy and Ronald can be very frightening when he's not happy
... im not a morning person but when i drive by the resturant the smell nausiates me awake
... They have given so much to my community and my country.
... I just like seeing the numbers on the sign change.
... I enjoy food that only tastes good 30 seconds away from the heatlamps.
... I am a fucking moron.
... I am a depressed masochist trying to commit slow suicide by cholesterol and styrofoam
... I give my money to McDonald's because I'm afraid of what Ronald might do to me if I don't.
... I give my money to McDonald's because ...Poor college students need to eat unhealthy food somehow...2 Big Macs=$2.00
... Young fledgling companies like McDonald's deserve a fair fight against those greedy multinational 'Ma and Pa' stores.
... Wow McDonalds sucks!
... I like to give my money to McDonalds because. . . I always knew Dante left out one level of hell, this way the publisher can include the last level- McFerno.
... ...I know that from that money I'll be given a bit of synthetic crap that tases like shit. Seriously, what other company can you rely on to get exactly the same thing every visit.
... they will steel them from me anyway!
... their effort to be the first "restaurant" on every planet in the solar system is an expensive one.
... the "Let's kill and torture them all"-clubdidn't want me 'cause I was too violent for their use.
... supporting needy corporate powers is part of my duty as a public citizen
... ronald makes me HOT !!!!
... my ailing mother, stricken with a terrible age-related degenerative personality disease, told me in hushed tones on her deathbed,
... more money more beef!
... im getting used to breathing more carbon monoxide than oxygen
... evrey fire coasts a little help
... I'd love to die early! And I would be glad to support a company that jeopardizes the existance humankind!
... I hope to live in an hamburger-world
... I have way too much and they probably could use it more responsibly than me.
... I have a fetish involving scary clowns and greasy fast food.
... I don't have a shredder!
... they don't get my business
... no
... wait
... what am I saying?
... its closet to me that serves this kind and quality of food,
... its closet to me that serves this kind and quality of food,
... it's funny to see managers run around hurriedly when it's busy.
... it warms my heart to know that it's going to an organization that promotes such ethical and environmentally sensible practices.
... it tastes good
... it might allow them to one day buy beef that isn't from the Werribee Sewerage farm
... if McDonalds goes out f business millions of rodents and pests will be homeless.
... i'm a masochist
... i think the rainforest is not important and would like to see it chopped down so more ppl will be fat and rich.
... i think killing animals and polluitng the air is harmless. i agree wiht mcdonalds completely and believe they are a company built on morals
... i love there shit food
... because, because, because, becaaaause...................because of the awful food they does.
... They are a fair and just orgaisation with the public's health right at the bottom of their wallets.
... Putting lit firecrackers up Ronald McDonalds nose and in his ears every hour, on the hour, for eternity is going to be darn expensive.
... McDonald's food is good, wholesome, nutritious, family food and not in the least bad for my health
... It's the easiest way to slowly commit sucide.
... It is verry funny to see what they come up with next ;)
... I'm so gullible like the rest of us.
... I'm getting really tired of the Hamburglar--give him the cash, already!
... I'm blind, and I thought I was handing it to a poor starving boy!
... I suck and should be destroyed.
... I love big macs
... I like to imagine Ronald McDonald having orgies with small children and animals, fucking them up the ass with his bright red cock!!
... I like convulsing in the parking lot and waking up to one of their mexican employees jacking off in my eyes.(LightningJim is the name, check out my auctions on ebay!)
... I deserve to be broke today!
... I am a poor college student who has nothing better to do with my money.
... Happy meals make me happy and my parents know they're good parents because of that.
... Giving them so little money doesn't help them at all
... they like to give me free food to shut up, Been told if you dont like it go to Hungry-Jacks (BK)?
... they care about the enviroment and brainwash kids with those super cool disney toys
... they are going to need it for settlements, when we discover the long term effects of their food and waste
... the voices in my head tell me to.
... the fatter others are the better I look.
... my mumma told me life was just like mc donalds you never know what your gonna get.
... my friend who works there says they are greedy, self-centred and ego-centric. He's a manager there.
... indoctrinated mean-spiritedness of pedagogues and sycophants combined with feigned smiles forced onto the faces of exploited crew ensures felicific consumption(!).
... i have been brainwashed and about to die of heart disease and would like my estate to go to a worthy cause
... i give it all up.
... everyone has the right for a good piece of high fat, low fibres and vitamines piece of tortured animal's meat !!!
... at least the us goverment isn't getting it.
... a remote pigmy tribe in the southern Sahara desert has never eaten a big mac -help mcdonalds serve them better
... I'm an idiot
... I'm a real dumbass, naive asshole :)
... I receive all my money from illegal seal poaching and want to keep the "evil" theme going.
... I dont have any of my own anyway as it's all HSBC bank's who I am tied to because of my debt, and they probably invest it in these companies. (horrible thought)
... I believe the money will be sent on animal wellfare organisations
... NOT!!
... I am usually hungry
... I am incredibly stupid and don't realise what effect such actions have.
... I ain't what you'd call a thinkin' person, I'se a reg'lar person.(hick accent applied)
... I Love their Big Macs (NOT)
... Because I am a feeble hypocrite, who follows silently all the way to the slaughter line without once reconsidering my lifestyle.
... You people need to get a life
... .
... people are bound to realise McDonalds food is less appetising than used earplugs so more shareholders will crash to earth.
... without *my* money, they may go broke! AWW! THE POOR CORPORATION!!
... who else would I give it to?
... what better way is there to spend my money than to give it to multinationals? Certainly not to radical causes
... they sell the bestest, tastiest, loveliest food in the world.
... they can't get enough of it.
... they always tell me how much the children need it.
... occasionally I'm released from the asylum to go to the ATM and they are everywhere so why not.
... my ass needs 50 more pounds before I'm upper clase.
... it's more for Helen and Dave to sue them out of.
... i like to have others kill animals for me, i just can't seem to get past the fuzzy part.
... i am a good citizen for capitalists
... even poor little mice need to live...if you got rid of McDonalds, they would lose their home.
... I'm trying to grow the largest, roundest, most bahoobatisly silly looking ass on the face of the earth
... I stoleit from them in the first place.
... I like to support the dissemination of delicious food products and the greatest aspects of american culture to the farthest reaches of the world.
... ..I'm broke and want to stay that way; plus I want to die from a high fat diet.
... , .
... to help solve world hunger and over population (war would be quicker but most people would condider war immoral)
... they need the money to get better with there food!
... they need it too soak up all the grease from their food!!!
... they let me play with the balls in the play area.
... they do so much to educate the young about good lifestyles and feed the hungry by giving them high paying jobs even the prime minister would jump for.
... they are the ones to keep the yummy bunnies in my Big Mac that my wolf fufu loves
... they are such wonderful people who make such great and healthly food
... the taste never lets go and it's really light food. After 1 hour i'm hungry again.
... the Filet O'Fish is made from goldfish
... otherwise maybe the Pizzahut or Kentucky will get their hands on it.
... maybe if I give them enough, they'll go away.
... its a good tax brake for them
... it's dirty.
... it's all counterfeit anyway and is about as nutritious as a Big Mac with flies (opps..I guess I meant 'fries').
... it is an ideal icon for our beloved American Culture
... it is an ideal icon for our beloved American Culture
... it is a far better way to spend it than on someone who actually needs it.
... i would like to help McD's in getting the golden arches surgically implanted on the foreheads of every child worldwide.
... i want the people of the world to die from fourteen year olds poping zits on the food
... i think the execs could really use it!
... i like mcdonald's
... i like eating over- salted cardboard and helping multinationals to take over the World.
... i just want to know the answers to the quiz
... sorry. oops.
... hmm, why should i?
... because I was lobotomized at birth by an ice pick wielding Ronald McDonald
... The fastest way to heaven is dead!
... I think that they would spend it on reforrestation and to do a lot of good in this world
... I no longer give my money to McD's. I love my body too much and care too much about others.
... I grew up with the idea that Ronald was my daddy. because we always ate at mcdonalds.Mom still doesn't know what a kitchen is.
... I feel that it supports my decision to have a healthy diet, low in fat and sodium and chock full of vitamins and minerals.
... I don't
... I am easily hypnotized.
... I am bolimic, and the food tastes just as good coming back up as it did going down.
... well, it's just like the saying goes--who sell grief fatties, facial claws, mennace; please numb a destiny done.
... they're MURDERING BASTARDS!!!!! And of course us Vegans just love to support that (hahaha)
... the taste of shit is appealing to me, and i hope to put on 150lbs drinking Mcdonalds Strawberry Piss-shakes
... the taste of shit is appealing to me, and i hope to put on 150lbs drinking Mcdonalds Strawberry Piss-shakes
... the big golden M's which you find everywhere light your way home in the dark.
... ronald needs a facelift
... nah shit nevermind I'm gonna keep it.
... lawyers are expensive, and so is the research neccessary in creating food substitutes. that is why it is so important for them to underpay their employees. plus, their money goes to a good cause
... if the word "good" meant something else.
... its better than my own cooking.
... it doesn't matter. Soon our collective mama's gonna put her big 'ol revolutionary boot up your minimum wage ass!!
... i'm really attracted to the hamburgler
... i think earth will be a much nicer place to live years from now if i do, Think of it, mass heart attacks, rotting carcases evrywhere, that's what i wanna see!
... My love life is lacking, so I must need love handles.
... I'm stupid.. not realizing that the food they give me in return has no nutritional value, makes me sick down the road, and does not benifit my body one bit at all.
... I'm a very stupid little girl and I've been brainwashed by commercials.
... I'll eventually spend it all on BigMacs anyways.
... I'd probably be singled out as a bad person for not supporting the slaughter of innocent animals if I didn't.
... I want them to bring back the mouth watering Mc Kangaroo burger that was so popular in the 70's
... I love heart disease and cancer, and well, the world is just too clean for its own good.
... a zit will wait till your 12 to cum on your face.
... Because they told me to.
... Why do I like giving my money to Mcdonalds? Because i suck.
... I never give my money to McDonald's because ...i am vegetarian
... they are the fairest company, who battle for rights for their workers.
... there's one clown i really hate. Ronald McDonald, because he's only in it for the burgers. And that's nor very funny.
... then they wouldn't have to charge homeless people to use their bathropom facilities.
... at least it gives the exploited minors a hope to make more money.
... all those little chickens who make McNuggets deserve it.
... I may as well seeing that they are the biggest toilet ever and I evjoy throwing my money away. Also the fact that they gave me the money in the first place...doesnt make sence when I think about it - I slave for them, they give me money, I give it back, then eat their shit.
... I have an extreme dislike for the rest of humanity and its survival.
... with any luck, the cash I spend will catch fire and burn that nasty place to the ground.
... they're sick bastards who can gorge themselves on their food until they explode
... they would invest it so it makes money by ruining childrens minds and bodyies
... they perform a valuable human service making it simpler for us to malnourish ourselves with overprocessed, imbalanced food.
... they need to exploit their workers even more and have their "McEmployees and McManagers grow to exponential height that they will start their own cult and grow to a country and possibly take over the world where you will have to eat Big Macs ever Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. McChicken on Friday, Filet on Tuesday and Nuggets on Sunday. Thursday is reserved as strictly a Fry Guy day.
... they need all the help they can get" email="" date="16 February, 19100 at 5:36">jenna
... they can't pay the workers enough
... it's our greatest defense against the communist threat
... if mcdonalds decided to pay their employees more money than i could help the lonly employees make a little more money god knows they desearve it for working for thazt company
... if it would help to make the burgers fatter and taster i think it would be worth the cost
... ide much rather do that then get analy fixated in prison by some big black guy named BUBA!
... i am retarded
... Multinational executives need to fly first class to ensure that the people see McDoanlds as a quality restaurant.
... It's less painful than bending over.
... If I don't my wife will go to Burger King
... I've got that little money that they even wouldn't care about it
... I think rat poision is part of a good diet
... I love their prices! I can exploit workers, destroy the enviorment, clog my own arties for only $5.74
... I like to know that the money spent will go towards dressing sexy penguins in their sexy tux's
... I don't
... I don't want to give any money to mc dicks
... yellow makes me hungry
... world will destroy anyway
... they have neat toys and I like Grimace!
... the idea of eating reconstituted pig feces and bacteria is so appealing I feel compelled to reward them with a donation.
... my sanity depends on keeping my kids quiet
... it's so much easier than spending it wisely.
... i like eating burgers with worms in them.
... i know that some of it sometimes goes to a charity, and the employees
... hell, I work there, they're not that bad.
... everybody else does.
... I like to give money to McDonalds because I love feeling disgusting, like I've eaten rat and cockroach parts, ruining the enviroment,and supporting cruelty to animals. NOT!
... I like to give my money to McDonalds because those little toys just make me so happy inside.
... big macs produce more heat than a newspaper.
... I'm hungry
... I'd want to go and buy a Mad Cow burger just so that the environment could be exploited.
... I want to look like Ronald McDonald!
... I hate burger king.
... I am a brainless moron.
... ..Macs have such a great influence on my only son who has just turned twelve. He always has to say Mac Mac whenever we travel
... you stink, assholes!
... they will probably use it to create market in Mars and Venus.
... they have done such a good job making BAD food!
... they are good boys and do their own business withouy causing harm to any live creature
... they are a hard working, honest company just trying to survive.
... their toilets are clean.
... the fries are so addicting, must be all the good for type of salt.
... otherwise I would spend it wisely on something I might really need thus ruining the brainwashing I've already received.
... nofuck you moran there rich enough.0.5% of the worlds pop.goes to mc.ds everyday!!!!
... mcdonald's has the tastiest damn hamburgers on the planet (excluding antarctica, where they use penguins as a beef substitute).
... i like the toys
... i am a 460 pund woman must eat 560,000 grams of fat a day, and the only way i can get that is by macdonalds! god bless mickey d!
... They don't have enough already.
... They are a fine establishment and do not in any way use their crew as "slave labor"he he he
... Their advertisements poisoned my brain.
... I'm stupid.
... I never wanted to be anything in life,and I am glad others share My view.
... I like to see the landscape littered with Mc Donalds rubbish
... I like to die !!
... I feel I'm doing something good for mankind when I feed the greed of coorporate giants, allowing them to get richer as i go bankrupt.
... I enjoy the rancid taste of the burps.
... I don't like to give it to Burger King.
... when they're eventually closed down, they'll need the bus fare to get home!! (Ryan age 12)
... mcdonalds food is healthy and good :)
... i love french fries.
... i like their hashbrowns.
... McDonald's is good
... McDonald's is the life ...McDonald's is God
... I like to eat dog meat.
... I like not to give my money to McDonald's because is a real shit.
... I dont like to give my money to McDonald's because tast like shit
... they can kill more sweet inoccent animals McMurderer!GO VEGGIE!!!!!!!
... they seem to be good at wasting money in the first place
... they dont suck as bad as "McCheaper"
... they are the reason why the Earth never has been overtaken by aliens
... im a logger and they help my business
... i work for the cunts and i would not give them a cent after the shit pay that i cop!!!
... i have no life and i really don't give a damn, just as long as im happy......................................................................................hello.........................................................................hello..............................................................................................i cant believe u are still reading this..........................................................................................................
... I can have a reunion with all the kids in my classes that have dropped out.
... they win the environmental friendly award. :o)
... they suck
... there is nothing like buying a heart attack from a person who gets paid minimum wage from a multi-billion dollar company.
... there is nothing like buying a heart attack from a person who gets paid minimum wage from a multi-billion dollar company.
... the more money they have the more people will make kick ass sites like this one!!!!!!
... perhaps itll help improve their food.
... our kids just love those nutritional meals in a box.
... its hysterical to know I'm pissing away 5 bucks just so these jerks kill me with thier mega-fat food.
... it will 3-double the wages :)
... i like beeeeeeeeefffffff!BEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFY!
... because they have good tasting food, fast service at a good price
... They make the best damn fries in the whole world - not the greasy crap the Brit's usually eat!
... They are very nice people
... They are friendly people who work hard, and I think that the toys are the best to play with. Also I sucked Ronald Mcfuck off before. the guy in the clownsuit.
... The food they make is good, quality and nutritious and I like to support greedy corporate pigs
... Ronald McDonald turns me on. It's that red hair
... Ummm Ketchupy..Ok, im done, Im going to go get a happy meal. Im hungry.
... McDonald is the best.. Forget the rest!
... I've conditioned by the media to only understand their message.
... I work there, so it pays my wages.
... I need the fat to help me survive the cold y2k power outages.
... I like to support a local business and the food is heelthe.. for my body and brain i tink
... I like McDonld.
... .
... im sorry but i actually dont eat mc donalds for the reason that i am a vegetarian! I believe they are disgusting and break the laws of nature and cause more harm to the environment than smoking does to our lungs .
... well, the paper cups do make nice plant pots.
... they're gonna need it when they go broke when all of their customers die from heart disease!
... they need it for pest control. I found a baby cockroach in my fries, thought perhaps they were afraid roaches would be extinct, hence decided to leave it for me to adopt as a pet!
... then they could really have a "McWorld"
... i'm a hapless idiot.
... i work there and i'll never give that little money to them
... i like to get fat from big macs
... Well gosh, they NEED it.
... McDonalds have a fantabulous steak and some of thier cows are even are free of cystic tumors and cancerous muscles
... It will just get chucked into advertising.
... I always have left over cash from my NAMBLA and catholic church donations.
... Hell, how would I know???
... I work there, AND LOVE IT.
... yummmmmy
... it gives money for food research, for people who will die younger not to live in their fucking world!
... Without McDonald's thousands of doctors specializing in colon cancer and heart disease would be out of work.

... I haven't got any - ha, ha, ha!