The McLibel Support Campaign ("MSC") was set up shortly after the writs were served on supporters of London Greenpeace in September 1990. It was established to generate solidarity and financial backing for the McLibel Defendants, who are not themselves responsible for Campaign publicity. MSC also continues the anti-McDonald's campaigning begun by London Greenpeace in the 1980's, and is supportive of, but independent from, general, worldwide, grassroots anti-McDonald's activities and protests.

Like in any campaign or struggle, by organising and coordinating information and publicity, and strengthening networks of resistance, campaigners ensure that the tables are turned on those who try to shut them up. McDonalds aim of suppressing activity has only served to futher anger and strengthen the determination of their critics. This has resulted in ever growing publicity, the dissemination of detailed information about McDonald's business practices, and in a constantly increasing circulation of anti-McDonald's leaflets worldwide (1.5 million handed out to the public in the UK alone since the writs were served). As thousands of people have pledged to continue to do this whatever the trial verdict, it is clear that the leafletting is unstoppable and that McDonald's have been beaten.

By early 1996, MSC had spent 25,000 over the 5 years since the writs were served. This is how much McDonald's spends on the case in a few days! MSC spends most of its money on the following items:

MSC receives donations and support from a wide range of groups and individuals: trade unions, environmentalists, people concerned about animal welfare/rights, people concerned about diet and nutrition, present and former McDonald's employees, etc. Some people are concerned and knowledgable about all the issues in the case, but one of the wonderful aspects of MSC is the cross-fertilisation that takes place: for example, by coming into contact with the Campaign, some trade unionists learn more about nutrition and animal welfare, and some animal rights activists learn more about poor working conditions and worker organisation. Linda McCartney gave the Campaign a donation of 1,000 and there are some other well-known people supporting the Campaign, but the vast majority of support and donations comes from ordinary members of the public. The messages of support are a great morale boost for Helen and Dave.

MSC continues campaigning against McDonald's. For example, MSC organised a protest at the opening of a McDonald's store in Kings Cross, London in December 1995, and every year on 16th October (Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonald's) organises a demonstration outside McDonald's European Headquarters [Link to HQ demo report and photos etc.]. MSC provides support and encouragement to other independent campaigns/campaigners against McDonald's and produces round-ups of the actions around the world that it hears about. [Link to "International Round-Up 1994", "40 Years of McGarbage - Anti-Birthday Events", & "Seven Days That Shook The Corporation".]

The original London Greenpeace Factsheet was designed to highlight the issues concerning the fast food industry as a whole by focussing on McDonald's. The Factsheet says"What is wrong with McDonald's is also wrong with all the junk-food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy, etc. All of them hide their ruthless exploitation of resources, animals and people behind a facade of colourful gimmicks and 'family fun'." MSC has not lost sight of this critique of multinationals and the exploitative system we live in as a whole. In October 1995, MSC organised an "Anti-Corporations Fayre" open to the public, bringing together groups and individuals campaigning against companies and corporations, to share tactics and experiences in fighting corporations, and to discuss alternatives to them. [Link to materials about Fayre and other groups campaigning against corps. Link to other sites?] In November 1995, MSC organised a demonstration jointly with Baby Milk Action (campaigning against Nestle) and supporters of Earth First! [Link to EF! site] at Management Summit '95, a prestigious conference where top executives from Nestle, McDonalds and other companies were speaking on helping companies "dominate existing markets and win in and create tomorrow's markets". [Link to Management Summit publicity, Guardian article dated 11/11/95 re Summit, "People not Profits" leaflet produced for Summit.]

What you can do

  • MSC produces a range of merchandise which can be ordered.

  • Thousands of people have pledged to continue handing out anti-McDonald's leaflets whatever the verdict in the trial. Add your name to the pledge here

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    Or send donations to the support group in your country (see details below). Many thanks to all the people who have sent messages of support and donations to MSC over the years.

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