On McDonald's 40th Birthday 80 people demonstrated outside McDonald's headquarters and a store in Oslo, coordinated by a new group called McDonald's Boikotten. Plans were made for demonstrations in Tonsberg, Trondheim, Bergen, and another in Oslo during the summer.

The first was a demonstration on October 10th organised by the local branch of the Norwegian environmentalist organisation "Natur Og Ungdom" (Nature and Youth). The demonstration disrupted the opening of a new drive-thru "restaurant". About 15 activists blocked the drive-thru with a big banner reading "BOYCOTT McDONALD'S and another 2 persons tried to block the entrance to the "restaurant" with a banner saying "Mc DOLLARS". Both of Trondheim's major local newspapers covered the protest (Adresseavisen and Avisa Trondheim).

On Saturday 14th of october there was another demonstation in Trondheim at the store in the middle of the city. A protester dressed as "Ronald Mc Donald" went around with a big "Mc Profit" poster on his back. He had baloons painted with "Mc Murder", "Mc Dollars", "Boycott Mc Donald's" etc. which he handed out to little children. At 1 o'clock the clown and people with banners and flyers entered the store and gave out leaflets to the customers. Despite the police arriving the action continued when the clown started pretending to be drunk.

Oslo - 15 people demonstrated on the 14th October outside McDonald's and handed out 4,000 leaflets for the International anti-McDonald's day. There was also a protest in Bergen.