October 16th 1995 was the 11th annual Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonald's (also UN 'World Food Day'). Many people around the world handed out the "What's Wrong With McDonald's" or similar leaflets, or protested against McDonald's in some other way on or around that day.


There was leafletting and protests outside of approx. half of the 600 McDonald's UK stores. In addition to leafletting the public with "What's Wrong With McDonald's" leaflets, at many stores McDonald's workers were handed special leaflets expressing opposition to low pay and exploitation, and offering solidarity and encouragement to organise for their rights. Over 1 million "What's Wrong With McDonald's" leaflets have so far been handed out on the streets in the UK since the writswere served on the Mclibel Two. McDonald's attempt to suppress freedom of speech has completely backfired.

McDonald's European Headquarters, London - This was recently the scene of a residents' victory: McDonald's failed in their attempt to obtain planning permission for an outlet at the HQ following fierce local opposition to their plans. At the demonstration on 16th, the 30 protesters included a person dressed in a 'litter suit' made from discarded items of McDonald's packaging, and a person dressed as a McDonald's worker, who was chained to a large mock-up burger, symbolising McDonald's exploitation of workers. Bags full of McDonald's litter were returned to the company to highlight the problems of waste, pollution and litter caused by the company's excessive packaging.

Greater Manchester - 20 to 25 of the 30 stores in Greater Manchester were leafletted. Some people cycled from one store to another, and in Bolton an effigy of Ronald McDonald was hanged.

West Midlands - at least 15 of the 30 stores in the Black Country were leafletted over 3 days. In Wolverhampton town centre, people flocked to a stall where activists were giving out free veggie burgers, each one wrapped in a "What's Wrong With McDonald's" leaflet.

Greater London - approx. 75 of the 150 stores were leafletted.

Scotland - there were pickets in Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh (a 40 strong demonstration), and Stirling.


There were several protests that we know of across North America: in Chicago, State College (Pennsylvannia), Montreal, Denver and Boulder (Colorado), Huntington Beach (California), Guelph (Ontario), and Ashedille (North Carolina).

Rock 'N' Roll McDonald's, Chicago - the demonstrators were demanding that the life-size statues of the Beatles in this outlet be removed on the grounds that Paul & Linda McCartney have donated money to the McLibel Campaign, and that both Paul McCartney and George Harrison are vegetarians.

Guelph, Ontario - trade unionists, environmentalists and animal rights activists (including ex-McDonald's workers) distributed anti-McD flyers, information for the workers, and info on vegetarianism for 3 hours outside a store. The protesters lowered the Canadian and McDonald's flags to half-mast to mark the third anniversary of the death of Mark Hopkins and in memory of the millions of animals slaughtered by the fast food giant every year.


Dunedin - 12 protesters made their presence felt at the Dunedin store, and found support from McDonald's customers and staff. They passed out leaflets critical of McDonald's global operations and called attention to the impact of its operations in Dunedin, soon to be expanded with two new outlets.

There were also protests in Auckland.


Oslo - 15 people demonstrated on the 14th outside McDonald's and handed out 4,000 leaflets.

Trondheim - On the opening day of the second store in Trondheim (October 10th), 17 activists blocked the drive-thru with a big banners saying "Boycott McDonald's" and "McDollars". On 14th October, a demo was held at Trondheim's other store. A person dressed as Ronald McDonald with a big "McProfit" poster on his back. He handed balloons painted with "McMurder", "McDollars", "Boycott McDonald's" etc. to children, and flyers with information about McDonald's to passersby. There was also a protest in Bergen.


Champs Elysees, Paris - 16 people picketted the Champs Elysees McDonald's for 3 hours on 13th Oct with banners highlighting the links between meat eating and starvation in the third world, and the company's exploitation of workers. The managers were so incensed that they called the Chief Executive of McDonald's France and threatened to sue the protesters! They handed out over 1,000 leaflets. McDonald's are now planning to erect fences around the store!


Dublin - 7,000 leaflets were handed out by activists wearing "McGarbage" T-shirts outside the two main stores in the city centre on 16th. Local radio stations broadcast details of the demonstration throughout the day.


There were benefit concerts and protests in various cities, including Sydney and Brisbane.

Other demonstrations are known to have occurred in:-

Italy (Turin), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro), Germany (Stuttgart, Munich), Holland (8 actions in Amsterdam, Njmegan, Utrecht, Omlow), Greece (Athens), Belgium, Denmark (Copenhagen), Spain (Madrid, Malaga, Valencia), Finland, and various countries in Eastern Europe.