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Animal Groups in row with Big Mac

East Grinstead Observer
2nd October 1996

McDonald's has turned down the chance to speak at a public meeting on Thursday organised to discuss the controversial scheme to turn the White Lion pub into a drive-thru restaurant.

Mr David Ward, communications officer for London North and South, told the Observer: "We do want to listen to the views of all sections of the local community, but we don't want to attend a large public venue where we would have to give an immediate response. We would prefer to listen to people's views, digest them and then respond to their concerns."

Mr Ward said he would like to hear a summary of the objections "in a more controlled environment" and has suggested a meeting of two McDonald's representatives and two from the East Grinstead Coalition Against the McDonald's Plan on neutral territory.

But protester Richard Tassell said he wanted an open meeting with the public present to hear any comments made. "It is disappointing, as I wanted McDonald's to put forward their point of view in order to be as fair as possible," he said.

Mr Tassell added that McDonald's will be represented at the meeting in spirit however, as a dummy with a Ronald McDonald clown mask on will be sitting on stage along with the speakers at the forum.

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Animal Groups in row with Big Mac
East Grinstead Observer
4 September '96

Opposition to plans to convert the White Lion pub into a McDonalds restaurant is building with protests by East Grinstead Animal Rights Group.

The fastfood chain has submitted two planning applications to rebuild and alter the pub on the one-way system in London Road and says it could either be a drive-through takeaway or a restaurant seating about 80.

The plans are due to be discussed by the town council planning committee on Monday September 9 at East Court, and from there will go for consideration to Mid Sussex District Council on September 13. People have until next Wednesday to make their comments known to the district council.

Campaigners' main objections to the takeaway plan are increased traffic, litter and destruction of the town's character.

Protesters also say there are at least nine other independent or franchised fast food outlets in East Grinstead and a McDonalds would "drain the life-blood from many of our local traders".



McDonalds, the multi-national fast-food chain have submitted planning applications to convert The White Lion into a 'Drive-Thru' or 'Sit-Down' burger bar. At a time when our Council has voted in favour of a by-pass, it seems ironic that this proposal will only serve to increase traffic.

We all know how much congestion there is along the A22 on the way into East Grinstead. We only have to walk along the particular stretch of road involved to witness the desperate incidents as vehicles criss-cross in hair-raising attempts to get into the right lane. The results of a further lane or lanes can only be horrific, not just for drivers and pedestrians, but for all of us in the area as heavy delivery traffic and pollution increases.


Our local streets are already savaged with garbage and vandalism. If their application is successful, McDonalds extended opening hours will only increase these appalling nuisance factors. A visit to the area of any McDonalds 'Restaurant' gives an indication of what we could expect in the future. We are all aware of the destruction to a town's character created by their large sign advertising and neons.


There are already at least 9 independent or franchised fast-food and burger outlets in town, do we need more? To let in this American based multi-dollar Corporation can only drain the life-blood from many of our local businesses.


Pick up a pen and object to:

Mr W.J. Hatton
Chief Executive and Director of Planning and Environment
Mid Sussex District Council
Oaklands, Oakland Road
Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1SS

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Opposing the McDonalds plan means
opposing the destruction of our forests, wild life and soil