Local Residents Against McDonald's



McDonald's have applied for planning permission for a Drive-Thru in Walthamstow, East London (opposite Blackhorse Road tube station). The local situation makes this a highly winable campaign for the local residents opposing the development. The proposed site is part of the station car park, which is used by commuters who Park & Ride, thus easing the burden of traffic on London's busy roads. The roads nearby suffer from long tail backs at rush hour and accidents are all ready common with motorists attempting to leave the car park. The road has only two lanes and to make matters worse, there is a bus land and a cycle lane which will be disrupted by the Drive-Thru users. The loss of parking spaces in the car park will increase competition for parking and may result in local residents having difficulty parking in their own streets and may result in some motorists driving into London instead of using the Park & Ride option.

The area is a strong community served by locally owned family run shops which will suffer greatly should the McDonald's development go ahead. The community has successfully fought off past developments in the area and already the campaign against the McDonald's is in full swing. The deadline for objections to the local council was thought to be the 20th March part it appears that due to 'procedural problems' this has been revised to the 2nd of April. A petition has been launched by people living nearby in Forest Road and Blackhorse Lane and a mailout and leafleting is planned for next few days. (Note: Copies of the leaflet, and sample letters of objection are available from the campaigners in 'Word' format - email us for copies).

Local press have covered the story.
Some of that coverage is available here.

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