Local Residents Against McDonald's



To raise awareness of McDonald's plans, residents are delivering the following letters to nearby homes and and handing leaflets (based on our sample leaflet) to commuters using the local railway station and car park.

Dear Neighbour.

You are probably already aware that planning permission is being sought by the McDonald's burger-chain to build a drive-through 'restaurant' opposite Blackhorse Road railway station. Why should you be concerned?

The proposed site is a part of station car park, which is currently being used by people who Park & Ride, which eases the traffic on London's busy roads. The drive-through is certain to generate extra traffic. Additionally, the loss of the existing parking space will cause tremendous inconvenience for commuters and increase competition for parking. Some local residents may find it more difficult to park their cars in their own street.

McDonald's promises 'litter patrols' but the experience of people already living in the shadow of the 'Big Mac' is that these patrols are rare and make little impact on the vast quantities of waste packaging discarded by the customers of burger chains. Owners of local property also face the prospect of depreciated property values and selling difficulties. Litter is hazardous to wildlife, and with the reservoirs nearby there is concern for the well being of the birds if waste packaging were to blow onto the marshes.

The low paid, dead end, part time jobs provided by McDonald's can hardly be considered a significant enhancement of local employment opportunities. On the contrary, a new outlet will simply put pressure on existing local shops and may result in the loss of family businesses.

If you feel you can support us in opposing this application, we have attached a sample letter outlining our objections. All you have to do is write your address in the top right hand corner, and sign it at the bottom. Please post it as soon as possible (the official deadline for objections is the end of the month so it is important that you act quickly). If you have the time, please consider writing your own objection as 'duplicate' letters may not carry as much weight with the planning committee as those which have been individually written.

Yours Sincerely

concerned local residents

To make things really easy for those wishing to submit an objection against the proposal,
the letter includes a standard letter of objection.

Robert W. Bennett
Director of Planning and Economic Development
Municipal Office
The Ridgeway,
London E4 4JP

17th March, 1997

Dear Sir,

Re: application numbers 97-0113 / 97-0114

My attention has been drawn to McDonald's proposal to build a drive-through take away in the car park opposite Blackhorse Road railway station.

I object to the application on the grounds that is an over-development of the site, and would:

a) increase traffic, congestion and risk of accidents
b) deprive tube and rail commuters of parking space
c) generate litter over wide areas.

Yours faithfully

Walthamstow Against McDonald's