Information provided by the McLibel Support Campaign

Global Week of Action Against McDonald's

11th to 18th October 1997

Sat 11th October
Kids Against McDonald's Day

Sun 12th October
(the third) Day of Solidarity With McDonald's Workers

Pickets have already been organised in Manchester (86 Market Street, Noon to 2pm) and London (McDonald's at Leicester Sq, Noon to 2pm). The picket in Manchester is organised by the parents of Mark Hopkins, a McDonald's worker who was fatally electrocuted on this day in 1992.

Thurs 16th October
(the thirteenth) World Anti-McDonald's Day

Picket of McDonald's European Headquarters, High Road, East Finchley, London N2 (by East Finchley tube) - 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

We are backing the End Corporate Dominance Month initiative (for October 1997), called by Earth First! in North America, and therefore the 'Global Week of Action' will be part of that month of actions. Helen and Dave will be launching the Week of Action at McDonald's global HQ in Chicago, having been invited over by the US McLibel Support Campaign.

Please leaflet and protest outside your local McDonald's store(s) during that week. The Adopt-a-Store network in the UK is continuing - you can adopt your local McDonald's store(s) pledging to leaflet outside during the Week of Action - in this way, we will ensure that as many stores are covered as possible. Over 500 of McDonald's 750 UK stores were leafletted on the 'Victory Day of Action' (21st June 1997). People can adopt stores or can be put in touch with campaigners in their area by contacting Veggies in Nottingham (Tel 0115 958 5666).

Print your leaflets direct from McSpotlight or contact McLibel Support Campaign (if you live in Greater London) or Veggies (if you live anywhere else).

The cost of leaflets is 8 pounds per 600, 12 pounds per 1,000, 16 pounds per 1,500. If you are unable to afford all or some of this amount, don't worry - the important thing is that leaflets are distributed. If you have access to printing or copying facilities we encourage you to produce your own leaflets. Artwork can be obtained from MSC, Veggies, or from the McSpotlight website.

Activists in North America can order leaflets in bulk from the US McLibel Support Campaign, PO Box 62, Craftsbury VT 05826-0062, USA (Tel 1-802 586 9628, E-mail & Listserver: at the following rates: $5 for 100, $12.50 for 500, & $23 for 1,000.

Note: A fully referenced version of the current "What's Wrong With McDonald's?" leaflet is also available from MSC. It backs up every sentence in the leaflet with a reference to authoritative sources or documentary or oral evidence from the trial. Much of this evidence is in the form of admissions from McDonald's own witnesses, including top executives, or from the company's own documents.

Reports of previous Weeks of Action