The Support Network for McDonald's Workers

"It's their right to join a union if they so choose"
Paul Preston, UK President, July '94

McDonald's is infamous throughout the world for acting to prevent workers joining unions in their stores. Often the tactics employed by the company have been extreme and even criminal. Hassen Lamti told at the McLibel Trial how managers had attempted to frame him for armed robbery. Also in France in 1994-5, managers were facing criminal charges for interfering with union elections. Despite opposition, union activists in many countries have succeeded, McDonald's being forced to capitulate, employing union members in their stores. It is time the same happened in the UK.

The Support Network for McDonald's Workers is a group of trade unionists and low paid workers based in London. The group have produced a leaflet called "Do you work for McDonald's?" which is being circulated to McDonald's employees throughout the country. As well as the leaflet, the group has more detailed information about the company and can provide information on workers' legal rights. October 12th every year is an International Day of Solidarity with McDonald's Workers, and is the anniversary of the death of Mark Hopkins, killed by faulty machinery at the Arndale store in Manchester in 1992. Numerous protests take place every year on this day around the UK and also in some other countries. In 1993 inCanada, a union dispute took place, and another attempt to unionise a McDonald's store is currently (end 1997) having lots of success.


The Support Network for McDonald's Workers
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